G'AˬK'EHˇ 14

1Pawˇluˆ hawˇ-eu Baˬnaˬbaˇ aˬ nya ̭ Iˇgawˇniˇ meuˬ-ahˇ le keuˆ-awˇ jawˇ ngeh, Yuˇdaˆ tsawˇ haˬ-euˬ uˬ duˬ tahˬ nymˇ-ahˇ daˆ leˇ-awˇ dawˬ ngehˬ leˇ-euˬ meh. K'oeˇ gaˇ k'aw ̭, Yuˇdaˆ tsawˇ haˬ maˬ ehˇ, aˬ cawˬ tsawˇ jeuˬ maˬ ehˇ, g'awˬ mya ni jah-eu tsawˇ haˬ pyeu ̭ laˇ-euˬ meh. 2Ehˇ k'aw ̭, maˬ jah-eu Yuˇdaˆ tsawˇ haˬ deuˬ-aˬ, aˬ cawˬ tsawˇ jeuˬ-ahˇ kawˆ-awˇ, jah-eu tsawˇ haˬ deuˬ-ahˇ muiˇ laˇ ni jahˇ-euˬ meh. 3G'aˬ k'ehˇ k'oeˇ nyiˬ g'aˬ k'oeˇ gaˇ g'awˬ myahˇ ni jawˇ-awˇ, Sahˬpaˬ Miˬyehˇ-euˬ gaˇ kawˆ k'aˬ duˬ ni mehˬ-euˬ meh. Sahˬpaˬ Miˬyehˇ neh aˬ yaw ̭ nya ̭-ahˇ zahˬ leˇ paˬ-ehˇ g'eh-eu jeˬ hawˇ-eu k'aˆ jeˬ-ehˇ g'eh-eu g'awˬ mya jeˬ jahˇ nya-eu baoˬ bi ̭-eu la ̭ k'oeˇ, aˬ yaw ̭-euˬ g'awˬ shaˬ gaˬ-eu jeˬ gaˇ kawˆ mehˬ-eu k'oeˇ tsaˬ-eu jeˬ pyeu ̭-eu saˇ kiˇ bi doˆ laˇ-euˬ meh. 4Meuˬ k'oeˇ meuˬ-ahˇ jawˇ-eu tsawˇ haˬ deuˬ nyiˬ paˆ paˆ-iˇ-euˬ meh. Tiˬ paˆ na deuˬ Yuˇdaˆ tsawˇ haˬ deuˬ jawˇ paw pyawˬ-awˇ, tiˬ paˆ na deuˬ-aˬ, g'aˬ k'ehˇ k'oeˇ nyiˬ g'aˬ jawˇ paw pyawˬ-euˬ meh. 5K'oeˇ naˇ, aˬ cawˬ tsawˇ jeuˬ tiˬ paˆ na deuˬ hawˇ-eu Yuˇdaˆ tsawˇ haˬ tiˬ paˆ na deuˬ-aˬ, aˬ yaw ̭ ma ̭-euˬ aˬ yui ̭ aˬ tsu deuˬ nehˬ-ehˇ gm leˇ-awˇ, g'aˬ k'ehˇ k'oeˇ nyiˬ g'aˬ-ahˇ yehˬ bawˬ sehˇ lu-ehˇ jahˇ nehˬ-awˇ k'aˬ lo biˬ-eu lehˇ g'eh-eu meh. 6Gaˇ kawˆ k'oeˇ g'aˬ k'ehˇ k'oeˇ nyiˬ g'aˬ ya siˬ ngeh, Luˇdaˬlaˇ meuˬ, Deˬbeˬ meuˬ hawˇ-eu, dawˬ peh jaˆ-eu miˇ k'ahˬ-ahˇ cehˆ-euˬ meh. 7K'oeˇ gaˇ, aˬ yaw ̭ ma ̭ Laˬ k'aˬ cehˇ-eu Guiˬ lahˬ dawˬ mehˬ-euˬ meh. 8Luˇdaˬlaˇ meuˬ-ahˇ, deh ̭ le ngeh neh aˬ kuiˇ yaw cawˆ miˇ neh, gaˇ ma tiˬ to ̭-iˬ maˬ zoˬ haw-euˬ tsawˇ haˬ tiˬ g'aˬ jawˇ-eu meh. 9Aˬ yaw ̭ nuiˇ-awˇ, Pawˇluˆ dawˬ ngehˬ gaˇ naˇ haˬ lu ̭-eu meh. Aˬ yaw ̭-aˬ, taˬ leˇ nya ni jah-eu nui ma ahˇ lu ̭ gaˇ Pawˇluˆ ya mawˇ-euˬ miˇ neh, aˬ yaw ̭-ahˇ haw tsoˆ-awˇ, 10"Tuˇ-awˇ dawˇ coe ni yaw ̭-awˬ" lehˇ, teˇ saˇ yaw k'aˆ k'aˆ-ehˇ ehˇ nehˬ-euˬ meh. Tsawˇ haˬ k'oeˇ g'aˬ tsawˬ tuˇ laˇ-awˇ, gaˇ ma cah-euˬ meh. 11Pawˇluˆ k'oeˇ lo ̭-ehˇ mˇ-euˬ gaˇ tsawˇ haˬ aˇ ma ̭ ya mawˇ ngeh, "Miˬ yehˇ k'oeˇ deuˬ tsawˇ haˬ lo ̭-ehˇ pyeu ̭ le-awˇ, aˬ dui jawˇ gaˇ za ̭ le-euˬ ngaˇ" lehˇ, aˬ yaw ̭ ma ̭-euˬ Luˇgawˇni dawˬ-ahˇ neh guˇ-eu meh. 12Baˬnaˬbaˇ-ahˇ Juˇsaˆ lehˇ aˬ yaw ̭ ma ̭ myahˇ nehˬ-awˇ, Pawˇluˆ g'aˬ-aˬ ngehˬ zaˬ tmˇ zaˬ pyeu ̭-eu miˇ neh, Heˬmeˬ lehˇ myahˇ nehˬ-euˬ meh. 13Meuˬ meuˬ dzeˇ jaˆ-eu Juˇsaˆ miˬ yehˇ-euˬ uˬ duˬ tahˬ nymˇ-ahˇ jawˇ-eu piˇ ma tiˬ g'aˬ, meuˬ-euˬ lahˇ k'ehˬ-ahˇ mawˇ neˇ mawˇ gaw hawˇ-eu aˇ yehˆ hehˇ la ̭-awˇ, aˬ yaw ̭ hawˇ-eu tsawˇ haˬ aˇ ma ̭ k'oeˇ deuˬ g'aˬ k'ehˇ k'oeˇ nyiˬ g'aˬ-ahˇ lawˇ nehˬ-eu lehˇ g'eh-eu meh. 14Tsawˇ haˬ k'oeˇ deuˬ k'oeˇ lo ̭-ehˇ jahˇ-eu lehˇ g'eh-eu gaˇ kawˆ, Baˬnaˬbaˇ hawˇ-eu Pawˇluˆ aˬ nya ̭ ya gaˬ ngeh, aˬ yaw ̭ nya ̭ yawˬ ha dm lu ̭-eu mehˬ tsoeˬ g'eu pyaˬ-awˇ, heu lo ̭-ehˇ guˇ guˇ-ehˇ tsawˇ haˬ aˇ ma ̭ yaw kaˬ-ahˇ coeˬ uˇ g'eh-euˬ meh. 15"Naw ma ̭ aˬ jeˬ miˇ neh teu lo ̭-ehˇ jahˇ te. Nga nya ̭ k'aw ̭ naw ma ̭ lo ̭-ehˇ tsawˇ haˬ zaˬ ma. Gaˇ dahˇ maˬ tsoeˬ-eu gaˇ kawˆ heu deuˬ-ahˇ naw ma ̭ byehˇ dzeh-awˇ, mˬ, miˇ, iˬ ma laˆ shaˆ hawˇ-eu k'oeˇ gaˇ k'aˇ jawˇ k'aˇ jaˆ-eu yawˬ jeˬ na lu ̭-ahˇ beh-euˬ g'aˬ pyeu ̭-eu deh ̭ lu ̭-eu Miˬyehˇ jawˇ paw bi g'o ̭ pyawˇ laˇ-eu g'aˇ duˬ, nga nya ̭ heu gaˇ Laˬ k'aˬ cehˇ-eu Guiˬ lahˬ dawˬ mehˬ laˇ-euˬ ma. 16Dzeuˇlaˇ-euˬ aˇ yamˬ-ahˇ, tsawˇ jeuˬ dawˬ tawˆ lu ̭ yawˬ ha-euˬ zahˇ yawˬ ha tawˬ-awˇ bi deh ̭ tawˬ-euˬ meh. 17Ehˇ k'aw ̭, aˬ yaw ̭ neh mˇ-euˬ yaw muiˬ jeˬ la ̭ k'oeˇ, aˬ yaw ̭ deh ̭ lu ̭ jawˇ lu ̭-eu gaˇ kawˆ aˬ myah lu ̭ bi siˬ bi mawˇ-euˬ meh. Aˬ yaw ̭ naw ma ̭-ahˇ mˬ k'oeˇ taˆ neh uˬ yehˇ bi yehˇ le-awˇ, aˇ yamˬ tsaˬ ngeh dzaˬ la g'o cehˇ bi keuˆ le-euˬ meh. Naw ma ̭-ahˇ dzaˬ dzaˬ dawˇ dawˇ bi ̭-awˇ, naw ma ̭-euˬ nui ma la ̭ k'oeˇ laˬ k'aˬ cehˇ-eu jeˬ bi byah laˇ-euˬ meh." 18Aˬ yaw ̭ nya ̭ k'oeˇ naˆ ni ehˇ keuˆ-awˇ, aˬ yaw ̭ ma ̭ neh aˬ yaw ̭ nya ̭-ahˇ maˬ bi lawˇ-eu g'aˇ duˬ maˬ g'aˬ maˬ na-ehˇ ja g'aˬ-euˬ meh. 19Biˇsiˇdiˇ miˇ k'ahˬ Aˬdiˇawˬ meuˬ hawˇ-eu Iˇgawˇniˇ meuˬ-ahˇ jawˇ-eu Yuˇdaˆ tsawˇ haˬ tiˬ deuˬ laˇ-awˇ, tsawˇ haˬ aˇ ma ̭-ahˇ aˬ yaw ̭ ma ̭ jawˇ paw pyawˬ ni mehˇ shuiˇ shuiˇ tawˆ-awˇ, Pawˇluˆ-ahˇ k'aˬ lo biˬ-awˇ, shiˇ-euˬ ngaˇ lehˇ noeˬ-awˇ, meuˬ la ̭ nyiˇ g'eu dzeh ha-iˇ-euˬ meh. 20Ehˇ k'aw ̭, jah-eu tsawˇ haˬ deuˬ aˬ yaw ̭ ga-eu tiˬ jawˬ uiˬ le ngeh, aˬ yaw ̭ tuˇ laˇ-awˇ, meuˬ-ahˇ g'o ̭ uˇ leˇ-euˬ meh. Yawˬ nah yawˬ, Baˬnaˬbaˇ aˬ yaw ̭ nya ̭-ehˇ Deˬbeˬ meuˬ-ahˇ iˇ-euˬ meh. 21Pawˇluˆ hawˇ-eu Baˬnaˬbaˇ aˬ nya ̭ Deˬbeˬ meuˬ-ahˇ Laˬ k'aˬ cehˇ-eu Guiˬ lahˬ dawˬ mehˬ-awˇ, tsawˇ haˬ g'awˬ mya ni zaˬ lahˇ pyeu ̭ laˇ-euˬ meh. K'oeˇ naˇ, Luˇdaˬlaˇ meuˬ, Iˇgawˇniˇ meuˬ, Biˇsiˇdiˇ miˇ k'ahˬ-ahˇ jaˆ-eu Aˬdiˇawˬ meuˬ heu deuˬ-ahˇ, tiˬ meuˬ saˇ-iˬ tiˬ meuˬ g'o ̭ leˇ lu ̭-eu meh. 22Jah-eu jeˬ la ̭ k'oeˇ zi ̭ ni, jah-eu tsawˇ haˬ deuˬ-ahˇ aˬ yaw ̭ nya ̭ g'aˬ bi ̭ ya ̭-euˬ meh. "Miˬyehˇ miˇ k'ahˬ-ahˇ uˇ leˇ-eu g'aˇ duˬ, shaˬ zahˬ g'awˬ mya jeˬ-ahˇ aˬ dui ya tahˬ puˬ teh ̭-a" lehˇ mehˬ nehˬ tsoˆ nehˬ ya ̭-euˬ meh. 23Ka li zaˬ aˇ muˇ yawˬ muˇ na lu ̭ la ̭ k'oeˇ, aˬ yui ̭ aˬ tsu tseˇ doˆ nehˬ-awˇ, maˬ dzaˬ-eu zahˇ jahˇ-awˇ guiˬ lahˬ shaˇ-eu la ̭ k'oeˇ, aˬ yaw ̭ ma ̭ jah lu ̭-eu Sahˬpaˬ Miˬyehˇ-euˬ aˬ la ̭ la ̭ k'oeˇ a nehˬ ya ̭-euˬ meh. 24Biˇsiˇdiˇ miˇ k'ahˬ doe ni cah g'aˬ-awˇ, Paˬbuˇliˇ miˇ k'ahˬ-ahˇ paˇ g'o ̭ ka le-euˬ meh. 25Beˬlaˬgeˬ meuˬ-ahˇ Miˬyehˇ dawˬ kawˬ mehˬ nehˬ ya ̭-awˇ, Aˬdaˬliˇ meuˬ-ahˇ iˇ-euˬ meh. 26K'oeˇ gaˇ neh naˇ, lawˬ dziˬ-awˇ Aˬdiˇawˬ meuˬ-ahˇ g'o ̭ keuˆ-iˇ-euˬ meh. Nymˬ-mˇ aˬ yaw ̭ nya ̭ neh mˇ g'aˬ-euˬ gaˇ heu deuˬ-ahˇ aˬ yaw ̭ nya ̭ mˇ-eu lehˇ g'eh ngeh, Aˬdiˇawˬ meuˬ la ̭ k'oeˇ aˬ yaw ̭ nya ̭-ahˇ Miˬyehˇ-euˬ aˬ la ̭ la ̭ k'oeˇ a nehˬ-euˬ meh. 27Aˬ yaw ̭ nya ̭ Aˬdiˇawˬ meuˬ-ahˇ g'o ̭ keuˆ le ngeh, Ka li zaˬ aˇ muˇ la ̭ k'oeˇ jawˇ-eu tsawˇ haˬ deuˬ-ahˇ kuˇ uiˬ-awˇ, aˬ yaw ̭ nya ̭ nehˬ-ehˇ Miˬyehˇ neh k'aˇ mˇ k'aˇ shaˇ-euˬ gaˇ kawˆ hawˇ-eu, aˬ cawˬ tsawˇ jeuˬ deuˬ jah-eu tsawˇ haˬ pyeu ̭ laˇ ni Miˬyehˇ gaˇ ma aˬ joˆ-ehˇ pah nehˬ la ̭-euˬ gaˇ kawˆ dzawˇ nehˬ-euˬ meh. 28K'oeˇ naˇ, jah-eu tsawˇ haˬ k'oeˇ deuˬ nehˬ-ehˇ, k'oeˇ gaˇ aˬ yaw ̭ nya ̭ g'awˬ myahˇ ni jawˇ-euˬ meh.

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