1 Chronicles 14

1Hiram was king of the city of Tyre. Hiram sent messengers to David. Hiram also sent logs from cedar trees, stonecutters, and carpenters to David. Hiram sent them to build a house for David. 2Then David could see that the Lord had really made him king of Israel. The Lord made David’s kingdom very large and powerful. God did this because he loved David and the people of Israel. 3David married more women in the city of Jerusalem. And he had more sons and daughters. 4These are the names of David’s children born in Jerusalem: Shammua, Shobab, Nathan, Solomon, 5Ibhar, Elishua, Elpelet, 6Nogah, Nepheg, Japhia, 7Elishama, Beeliada, and Eliphelet. 8The Philistine people heard David had been chosen to be the king of Israel. So, all the Philistine people went to look for David. David heard about it. Then he went out to fight the Philistine people. 9The Philistines attacked the people living in the Valley of Rephaim and stole their things. 10David asked God, “Should I go and fight the Philistine people? Will you let me defeat them?” The Lord answered David, “Go. I will let you defeat the Philistine people.” 11Then David and his men went up to the town of Baal Perazim. There David and his men defeated the Philistine people. David said, “Waters break out from a broken dam. In the same way, God has broken through my enemies! God has done this through me.” That is why that place is named Baal Perazim. 12The Philistine people had left their idols at Baal Perazim. David ordered his men to burn those idols. 13The Philistines attacked the people living in the Valley of Rephaim again. 14David prayed to God again. God answered David’s prayer. God said, “David, don’t follow the Philistines up ˻the hill˼ when you attack. Instead, go around them and hide on the other side of the balsam trees. 15˻Tell a watchman to climb up into˼ the top of the trees. As soon as he hears the sounds of marching, attack the Philistines. I ˻(God)˼ will go out in front of you and defeat the Philistine army!” 16David did what God told him to do. So David and his men defeated the Philistine army. They killed Philistine soldiers all the way from the town of Gibeon to the town of Gezer. 17So David became famous in all the countries. The Lord made all nations afraid of David.

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