1 Samuel 29

1The Philistines gathered all their soldiers at Aphek. The Israelites camped by the spring at Jezreel. 2The Philistine rulers were marching with their groups of 100 men and 1,000 men. David and his men were marching at the back with Achish. 3The Philistine captains asked, “What are these Hebrews doing here?” Achish told the Philistine captains, “This is David. David was one of Saul’s officers. David has been with me for a long time. I found nothing wrong in David since the time he left Saul and came to me.” 4But the Philistine captains were angry with Achish. They said, “Send David back! David must go back to the city you gave him. He can’t go with us into battle. ˻If he is here˼ we will have an enemy in our own camp. He would make his king happy by killing our men. 5David is the same person the Israelites sing and dance about when they sing this song: Saul has killed thousands of enemies. But David has killed tens of thousands! 6So Achish called David and said, “As sure as the Lord lives, you are loyal to me. I would be pleased to have you serve in my army. Since the day you came to me, I have found nothing wrong in you. Also, the ˻Philistine˼ rulers think you are a good man. 7Go back in peace. Don’t do anything against the Philistine rulers.” 8David asked, “What have I done wrong? Have you found anything wrong with me since the day I came to you? ˻No!˼ Why won’t you let me go to fight the enemies of my lord the king?” 9Achish answered, “I believe that you are a good man. You are like an angel from God. But the Philistine captains still say, 'David can’t go with us into battle.’ 10Early in the morning, you and your men should go back to the city I gave you. Don’t pay attention to the bad things the captains say about you. You are a good man. So leave as soon as the sun comes up.” 11So David and his men got up early in the morning and went back to the country of the Philistines. And the Philistines went up to Jezreel.

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