2 Chronicles 19

1Jehoshaphat the king of Judah came back safely to his house in Jerusalem. 2Jehu the seer went out to meet Jehoshaphat. Jehu’s father’s name was Hanani. Jehu said to King Jehoshaphat, “Why did you help evil people? Why do you love those people that hate the Lord? That is the reason the Lord is angry with you. 3But there are some good things in your life. You removed the Asherah poles from this country, and you decided in your heart to follow God.” 4Jehoshaphat lived in Jerusalem. He went out again to be with the people from the town of Beersheba to the hill country of Ephraim. Jehoshaphat brought those people back to the Lord God their ancestors followed. 5Jehoshaphat chose judges in Judah. He chose judges to be in each of the fortresses of Judah. 6Jehoshaphat said to those judges, “Be careful in what you are doing, because you are not judging for people, but for the Lord. The Lord will be with you when you make a decision. 7Now each one of you must fear the Lord. Be careful in what you do because the Lord our God is fair. The Lord doesn’t treat some people more important than others. And he doesn’t accept money to change his judgments.” 8And in Jerusalem, Jehoshaphat chose some of the Levites, priests, and leaders of Israelite families to be judges. Those people were to use the law of the Lord to settle problems for the people living in Jerusalem. 9Jehoshaphat gave them commands. Jehoshaphat said, “You must serve faithfully with all your heart. You must fear the Lord. 10You will have cases about killing, about a law, command, rule, or some other law. All these cases will come to you from your brothers living in the cities. In all of these cases you must warn the people not to sin against the Lord. If you don’t serve faithfully you will cause the Lord’s anger to come against you and your brothers. Do this, then you won’t be guilty. 11Amariah is the leading priest. He will be over you in all things about the Lord. And Zebadiah will be over you in all things about the king. Zebadiah’s father’s name is Ishmael. Zebadiah is a leader in the family group of Judah. Also, the Levites will serve as scribes for you. Have courage in all you do. May the Lord be with those people who do what is right.”

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