2 Chronicles 5

1Then all the work Solomon had done for the Lord’s temple was finished. Solomon brought in all the things that his father David had given for the temple. Solomon brought all the things in that were made of silver and gold and all the furniture. Solomon put all those things in the treasury rooms of God’s temple. 2Solomon commanded the elders of Israel and all the leaders of the family groups to meet together in Jerusalem. (These men were the leaders of the heads of the families of Israel.) Solomon did this so ˻the Levites˼ could bring the Box of the Lord’s Agreement up ˻to the temple˼ from the City of David, that is, Zion. 3All the men of Israel met together before King Solomon at the time of the Feast ˻of Shelters˼. This feast was held in the seventh month ˻(September)˼. 4When all the elders of Israel arrived, the Levites picked up the Box of the Agreement. 5Then the priests and the Levites carried the Box of the Agreement to Jerusalem. They also brought the Meeting Tent and all the holy things that were in it to Jerusalem. 6King Solomon and all the people of Israel met in front of the Box of the Agreement. King Solomon and all the people of Israel sacrificed sheep and bulls. There were so many sheep and bulls no person could count them. 7Then the priests brought the Box of the Lord’s Agreement to the place that was made ready for it. That place was the Most Holy Place inside the temple. The Box of the Agreement was put under the wings of the Cherub angels. 8The Cherub angels spread their wings over the place where the Box of the Agreement was. The Cherub angels stood over the Box of the Agreement and the poles used to carry the Box. 9The poles were long enough that their ends could be seen from the front of the Most Holy Place. But no person could see the poles from the outside of the temple. The poles are still there even today. 10There was nothing in the Box of the Agreement except the two tablets. Moses had put those two tablets in the Box of the Agreement at Mount Horeb. Horeb was the place where the Lord made an Agreement with the people of Israel. That happened after the people of Israel came out of Egypt. 11All the priests that were there did the ceremony to make themselves holy. Then, as the priests came out of the Holy Place, they stood together, but not in their special groups. 12The Levite singers stood at the east side of the altar. All of the singing groups of Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun were there. And their sons and relatives were there also. Those Levite singers were dressed in white linen. They had cymbals, lyres, and harps. There were 120 priests there with those Levite singers. Those 120 priests blew trumpets. 13The people who blew the trumpets and the people who sang were like one person. They made one sound when they praised and thanked the Lord. They made a loud noise with the trumpets, cymbals, and instruments of music. They sang the song, Praise the Lord Because He is Good. His True Love Continues Forever. Then the Lord’s temple was filled with a cloud. 14The priests could not continue to serve because of the cloud. This was because the Glory of the Lord filled God’s temple.

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