Acts 20

1When the trouble stopped, Paul invited the followers ˻of Jesus˼ to come visit him. He said things to comfort them and then told them good-bye. Paul left and went to the country of Macedonia. 2He said many things to strengthen the followers ˻of Jesus˼ in the different places on his way through Macedonia. Then Paul went to Greece ˻(Achaia)˼. 3He stayed there three months. He was ready to sail for Syria, but some Jews were planning something against him. So Paul decided to go back through Macedonia to Syria. 4Some men were with him. They were: Sopater, the son of Pyrrhus, from the city of Berea, Aristarchus and Secundus, from the city of Thessalonica, Gaius, from the city of Derbe, Timothy, and Tychicus and Trophimus, two men from Asia. 5These men went first, ahead of Paul. They waited for us in the city of Troas. 6We sailed from the city of Philippi after the ˻Jewish˼ Festival of Unleavened Bread. We met these men in Troas five days later. We stayed there seven days. 7On Sunday, we all met together to eat ˻the Lord’s Supper˼. Paul talked to the group. He was planning to leave the next day. Paul continued talking until midnight. 8We were all together in a room upstairs, and there were many lights in the room. 9There was a young man named Eutychus sitting in the window. Paul continued talking, and Eutychus became very, very sleepy. Finally, Eutychus went to sleep and fell out of the window. He fell to the ground from the third floor. When the people ˻went and˼ lifted him up, he was dead. 10Paul went down to Eutychus. He kneeled down and hugged Eutychus. Paul said to the other believers, “Don’t worry. He is alive now.” 11Paul went upstairs again. He divided the bread and ate. Paul spoke to them a long time. When he finished talking, it was early morning. Then Paul left. 12The people took the young man ˻(Eutychus)˼ home. He was alive, and the people were very much comforted. 13We sailed for the city of Assos. We went first, ahead of Paul. He planned to meet us in Assos and join us on the ship there. Paul told us to do this because he wanted to go to Assos by land. 14Later, we met Paul at Assos, and then he came on the ship with us. We all went to the city of Mitylene. 15The next day, we sailed away from Mitylene. We came to a place near the island of Chios. Then the next day, we sailed to the island of Samos. A day later, we came to the city of Miletus. 16Paul had already decided not to stop at Ephesus. He did not want to stay too long in Asia. He was hurrying because he wanted to be in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost if possible. 17In Miletus Paul sent a message back to Ephesus. Paul invited the elders ˻(leaders)˼ of the church in Ephesus to come to him. 18When the elders came, Paul said to them, “You know about my life from the first day I came to Asia. You know the way I lived all the time I was with you. 19The Jews planned things against me, and this gave me much trouble. But you know that I always served the Lord, sometimes with tears. I never thought about myself first. 20I always did what was best for you. I told you the Good News about Jesus in public before the people and also taught in your homes. 21I told all people—Jewish people and Greek ˻(non-Jewish)˼ people—to change their hearts and turn to God. I told them all to believe in our Lord Jesus. 22But now I must obey the Holy Spirit and go to Jerusalem. I don’t know what will happen to me there. 23I know only that in every city the Holy Spirit tells me that troubles and even jail wait for me ˻in Jerusalem˼. 24I don’t care about my own life. The most important thing is that I finish my work. I want to finish the work that the Lord Jesus gave me to do—to tell people the Good News about God’s grace ˻(kindness)˼. 25”And now listen to me. I know that none of you will ever see me again. All the time I was with you, I told you the Good News about the kingdom of God. 26So today I can tell you one thing that I am sure of: God will not blame me if some of you are not saved! 27I can say this because I know that I told you everything that God wants you to know. 28Be careful for yourselves and for all the people that God has given you. The Holy Spirit gave you the work of caring for this flock. You must be like shepherds to the church ˻(people)˼ of God. This is the church that God bought with his own blood. 29I know that after I leave, some men will come into your group. They will be like wild wolves. They will try to destroy the flock. 30Also, men from your own group will become bad leaders. They will begin to teach things that are wrong. They will lead some followers ˻of Jesus˼ away from the truth. 31So be careful! Always remember this: I was with you for three years. During this time, I never stopped warning you. I taught you night and day. I often cried for you. 32”Now I am giving you to God. I am depending on the message about God’s grace ˻(kindness)˼ to make you strong. That message is able to give you the blessings that God gives to all his holy people. 33When I was with you, I never wanted anyone’s money or fine clothes. 34You know that I always worked to take care of my own needs and the needs of the people that were with me. 35I always showed you that you should work like I did and help people that are weak. I taught you to remember the words of the Lord Jesus. Jesus said, 'You will be happier when you give than when you receive.’” 36When Paul finished saying these things, he kneeled down and they all prayed together. 37- 38They all cried and cried. The men were very sad because Paul had said that they would never see him again. They hugged Paul and kissed him. They went with him to the ship to say good-bye.

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