Amos 2

1The Lord says these things: “I will definitely punish the people of Moab for the many crimes they did. Why? Because Moab burned the bones of the king of Edom into lime. 2So I will start a fire in Moab. And that fire will destroy the high towers of Kerioth. There will be terrible shouting and the sounds of a trumpet, and Moab will die. 3So, I will bring an end to the kings of Moab. And I will kill all the leaders of Moab.” The Lord said those things. 4The Lord says this: “I will definitely punish Judah for the many crimes they did. Why? Because they refused to obey the Lord’s commands. They didn’t keep his commands. Their ancestors believed ˻lies˼. And those same lies caused the people of Judah to quit following God. 5So I will start a fire in Judah. And that fire will destroy the high towers of Jerusalem.” 6The Lord says this: “I will definitely punish Israel for the many crimes they did. Why? Because they sold good, ˻innocent˼ people for a little silver. They sold poor people for the price of a pair of shoes. 7They pushed those poor peoples’ faces into the ground and walked on them. They stopped listening to suffering people. Fathers and sons have sexual relations with the same woman. They have ruined my holy name. 8They take clothes from poor people, and then they sit on those clothes while they worship at their altars. They loaned money to poor people, and then took their clothes as collateral. They make people pay fines, and then they use that money to buy wine for themselves to drink in the temple of their God. 9“But it was I who destroyed the Amorites before them. The Amorites were tall like cedar trees. They were as strong as oak trees. But I destroyed their fruit above and their roots below. 10“I was the One who brought you from the land of Egypt. For 40 years I led you through the desert. I helped you take the Amorites’ land. 11I made some of your sons to be prophets. I made some of your young men to be Nazirites. People of Israel, it is true.” The Lord said these things. 12“But you made the Nazirites drink wine. You told the prophets not to prophesy. 13You are like a heavy weight to me. I am bent low like a wagon loaded with too much straw. 14No person will escape—not even the fastest runner. Strong men will not be strong enough. Soldiers will not be able to save themselves. 15People with bows ˻and arrows˼ will not survive. Fast runners will not escape. People on horses will not escape alive. At that time, even very brave soldiers will run away. They will not take the time to put their clothes on.” The Lord said these things!

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