Daniel 7

1During the first year that Belshazzar was king of Babylon, Daniel had a dream. Daniel saw these visions while he was lying on his bed. Daniel wrote what he had dreamed about. 2Daniel said: “I saw my vision at night. In the vision, the wind was blowing from all four directions. Those winds made the sea rough. 3I saw four big animals and each one was different from the others. Those four animals came up out of the sea. 4“The first animal looked like a lion, and it had wings like an eagle. I watched this animal. Then its wings were torn off. It was lifted from the ground so that it stood up on two feet like a man. And it was given the heart ˻(mind)˼ of a man. 5“And then I saw a second animal there in front of me. This animal looked like a bear. It was raised up on one of its sides, and it had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth. It was told, 'Get up and eat all the meat you want!’ 6“After that, I looked, and there in front of me was another animal. This animal looked like a leopard. And the leopard had four wings on its back. The wings looked like a bird’s wings. This animal had four heads. It was given authority to rule. 7“After that, in my vision at night I looked, and there in front of me was a fourth animal. This animal looked very mean and terrible. It looked very strong. It had large iron teeth. This animal crushed and ate up its victims. And this animal walked on whatever was left of its victims. This fourth animal was different from all the animals I saw before it. This animal had ten horns. 8“I was thinking about those horns, and then another horn grew up among those horns. This horn was a little horn. There were eyes on this little horn—the eyes looked like a person’s eyes. And there was a mouth on this little horn. And the mouth was bragging. The little horn pulled out three of the other horns. 9“As I was looking, thrones were put in their places. And the Ancient King sat on his throne. His clothes were very white; They were white like snow. The hair on his head was white; it was white like wool. His throne was made from fire. And the wheels of his throne were made from flames. 10A river of fire was flowing in front of the Ancient King. Millions of people were serving him. Hundreds of millions of people stood in front of him. ˻This was like˼ court was ready to begin, and the books were opened. 11“I kept on looking because the little horn was bragging. I kept watching until finally the fourth animal was killed. Its body was destroyed and it was thrown into the burning fire. 12The authority and rule of the other animals had been taken from them. But they were permitted to live for a certain period of time. 13“In my vision at night I looked, and there in front of me was a person that looked like a human being. He was coming on the clouds in the sky. He came to the Ancient King, and they brought him before him. 14“The person that looked like a human being was given authority, glory, and complete ruling power. People from every nation and every language will worship him. His rule will last forever. His kingdom will continue forever. It will never be destroyed. about the Fourth Animal 15“I, Daniel, was confused and worried. The visions that went through my mind bothered me. 16I came near one of those that was standing there. I asked him what all this meant. So he told me. He explained to me what these things meant. 17He said, 'The four great animals are four kingdoms. Those four kingdoms will come from the earth. 18But God’s special people will receive the kingdom. And they will have the kingdom forever and ever.’ 19“Then I wanted to know what the fourth animal was and what it meant. The fourth animal was different from all the other animals. It was very terrible. It had iron teeth and bronze claws. It was the animal that crushed and completely ate up its victims. And it walked on whatever was left of its victims. 20And I wanted to know about the ten horns that were on the fourth animal’s head. And I wanted to know about the little horn that grew there. That little horn pulled out three of the other ten horns. That little horn looked meaner than the other horns. And that little horn continued bragging. 21As I was watching, this little horn began attacking and making war against God’s special people. And the horn was killing them. 22The little horn kept killing God’s special people until the Ancient King came and judged him. The Ancient King announced a judgment on the little horn. This judgment helped God’s special people. And they received the kingdom. 23“And he explained this to me: 'The fourth animal is a fourth kingdom that will come on the earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms. That fourth kingdom will destroy people all around the world. It will walk on and crush nations all around the world. 24The ten horns are ten kings that will come from this fourth kingdom. After those ten kings are gone, another king will come. He will be different from the kings that ruled before him. He will defeat three of the other kings. 25This special king will say things against God Most High. And that king will hurt and kill God’s special people. That king will try to change the times and laws that have already been set. God’s special people will be in that king’s power for 3,1/2 years. 26“'But the court will decide what should happen. And that king’s power will be taken away. His kingdom will end completely. 27Then God’s special people will rule the kingdom. And they will rule over all the people from all the kingdoms of earth. This kingdom will last forever. And people from all the other kingdoms will respect and serve them.’ 28“And that was the end of the dream. I, Daniel, was very afraid. My face became very white from fear. And I did not tell the other people about the things I saw and heard.”

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