Deuteronomy 33

1This is the blessing that Moses, the man of God, gave the people of Israel before he died. 2Moses said: “The Lord came from Sinai, like a light shining at dawn over Seir. like a light shining from Mount Paran. The Lord came with 10,000 holy ones. God’s mighty soldiers were by his side. 3Yes, the Lord loves his people. All his holy people are in his hand. They sit at his feet and learn his teachings! 4Moses gave us the Law. Those teaching are for Jacob’s people. 5At that time, the people of Israel and their leaders met together, and the Lord became Jeshurun’s king! 6“Let Reuben live, and not die! But let there be only a few people in his family group!” 7Moses said these things about Judah: “Lord, listen to the leader from Judah when he calls for help. Bring him to his people. Make him strong, and help him defeat his enemies!” 8Moses said these things about Levi: “Levi is your true follower. He keeps the Urim and Thummim. At Massah you tested the people of Levi. At the waters of Meribah you proved that they are yours. 9˻They cared more for you, Lord, than for their own families.˼ They ignored their fathers and mothers. They did not recognize their brothers. They did not pay attention to their children. But they obeyed your commands. They kept your Agreement. 10They will teach your rules to Jacob They will teach your Law to Israel. They will burn incense before you. They will offer burnt offerings on your altar. 11Lord, bless the things that belong to Levi. Accept the things he does. Destroy the men who attack him! Defeat his enemies, so that they will never attack again.” 12Moses said this about Benjamin: “The Lord loves Benjamin. Benjamin will live safely near him. The Lord protects him all the time. And the Lord will live in his land.” 13Moses said this about Joseph: “May the Lord bless Joseph’s land. Lord, send them rain from the skies above and water from the ground below. 14Let the sun give them good fruit. Let each month bring its best fruit. 15Let the hills and ancient mountains produce their best fruit. 16Let the earth give its best to Joseph. Joseph was separated from his brothers. So may the Lord in the ˻burning˼ bush give his best to Joseph. 17Joseph is like a powerful bull. His two sons are like bull’s horns. They will attack other people and push them to the ends of the earth! Yes, Manasseh has thousands of people, and Ephraim has ten thousands.” 18Moses said this about Zebulun: “Zebulun, be happy, when you go out. Issachar, ˻be happy˼, in your tents at home. 19They will call the people to their mountain. There they will offer good sacrifices. They will take riches from the sea and treasures from the shore.” 20Moses said this about Gad: “Praise ˻God˼ who gave Gad more land! Gad is like a lion. He lies down and waits. Then he attacks and tears the animal in pieces. 21He chooses the best part for himself. He takes the king’s share. The leaders of the people come to him. He does what the Lord says is good. He does what is right for the people of Israel.” 22Moses said this about Dan: “Dan is a lion’s cub that jumps out from Bashan.” 23Moses said this about Naphtali: “Naphtali, you will get plenty of good things. The Lord will truly bless you. You will get the land by Lake Galilee.” 24Moses said this about Asher: “Asher is the most blessed of the sons. Let him be the favorite of his brothers. And let him wash his feet in oil. 25Your gates will have locks made from iron and bronze. You will be strong all your life.” 26“There is no one like God, Jeshurun! God rides on the clouds in his glory through the skies to help you. 27God lives forever. He is your place of safety. God’s power continues forever! He is protecting you. God will force your enemies to leave your land. He will say, 'Destroy the enemy!’ 28So Israel will live in safety, Jacob’s well belongs to them. They will get a land of grain and wine. And that land will get plenty of rain. 29Israel, you are blessed. No other nation is like you. The Lord saved you. The Lord is like a strong shield protecting you. The Lord is like a powerful sword. Your enemies will be afraid of you. And you will trample their holy places!”

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