Esther 7

1So the king and Haman went to eat with Queen Esther. 2Then as they were drinking wine on the second day of the party, the king again asked Esther a question, “Queen Esther, what is it you want to ask for? Ask anything and it will be given to you. What do you want? I will give you anything, even half my kingdom.” 3Then Queen Esther answered, “King, if you like me and it pleases you, please let me live! And I ask you to let my people live, too! That is what I ask for. 4Why? Because I and my people have been sold to be ruined, killed, and completely destroyed. If we had just been sold as slaves, I would have kept quiet, because that would not be enough of a problem to bother the king.” 5Then King Xerxes asked Queen Esther, “Who did this to you? Where is the man that dared to do such a thing to your people?” 6Esther said, “The man against us, our enemy, is this wicked Haman.” Then Haman was filled with terror before the king and queen. 7The king was very angry. He got up, left his wine, and went out into the garden. But Haman stayed inside to beg Queen Esther to save his life. Haman begged for his life because he knew that the king had already decided to kill him. 8Just as the king was coming back in from the garden to the party room, he saw Haman falling on the couch where Esther was lying. The king said with anger in his voice, “Will you attack the queen even while I am in the house? As soon as the king had said that, servants came in and killed Haman. 9One of the eunuchs that served the king was named Harbona. Harbona said, “A hanging post 75 feet tall has been built near Haman’s house. Haman had it made so he could hang Mordecai on it. Mordecai is the man that helped you when he told about the evil plans to kill you.” The king said, “Hang Haman on that post!” 10So they hanged Haman on the hanging post he had built for Mordecai. Then the king stopped being angry.

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