Exodus 11

1Then the Lord told Moses, “I have one more disaster to bring against Pharaoh and Egypt. After this, he will send you out of Egypt. In fact, he will force you to leave this country. 2You must give this message to the people of Israel: 'Men and women, you must ask your neighbors to give you things made of silver and gold. 3The Lord will cause the Egyptians to be kind to you. The Egyptian people, even Pharaoh’s own officials, already consider Moses to be a great man.’” 4Moses said ˻to the people˼, “The Lord says, 'At midnight tonight, I will go through Egypt, 5and every firstborn son in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt, to the firstborn son of the slave girl grinding grain. Even the firstborn animals will die. 6The crying in Egypt will be worse than at any time in the past. And it will be worse than it will ever be in the future. 7But none of the people of Israel will be hurt—not even a dog will bark at them. None of the people of Israel or any of their animals will be hurt. In this way, you will know that I have treated Israel differently from Egypt. 8Then all of these slaves of yours ˻(the Egyptians)˼ will bow down and worship me. They will say, “Leave and take all your people with you.” Then in anger, I will leave Pharaoh.’” 9Then the Lord told Moses, “Pharaoh has not listened to you. Why? So that I could show my great power in Egypt.” 10That is why Moses and Aaron did all these great miracles in front of Pharaoh. And that is why the Lord made Pharaoh so stubborn that he would not let the people of Israel leave his country.

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