Ezekiel 13

1Then the word of the Lord came to me. He said, 2“Son of man, you must speak to the prophets of Israel for me. ˻Those prophets are not really speaking for me.˼ Those prophets are saying things they want to say. So you must speak to them. Tell them these things, 'Listen to this message from the Lord! 3The Lord my Master says these things. Bad things will happen to you foolish prophets. You are following your own spirits. You are not telling people what you really see ˻in visions˼. 4“'Israel, your prophets will be like foxes running through empty, destroyed buildings. 5You have not put soldiers near the broken walls of the city. You have not built walls to protect the family of Israel. So when the day comes for the Lord to punish you, you will lose the war! 6“'False prophets said they saw visions. They did their magic and said things would happen—but they lied. They said the Lord sent them—but they lied. They are still waiting for their lies to come true. 7“'False prophets, the visions you saw were not true. You did your magic and said things would happen. But you lied! You said that the Lord said those things. But I did not speak to you!’” 8So now, the Lord my Master really will speak! He says, “You told lies. You saw visions that were not true. So now I ˻(God)˼ am against you!” The Lord my Master said these things. 9The Lord says, “I will punish the prophets that saw false visions and told lies. I will remove them from my people. Their names won’t be in the list of the family of Israel. They will never again come to the land of Israel. Then you will know that I am the Lord and Master! 10“Again and again those false prophets lied to my people. The prophets said there would be peace. And there is no peace. The people need to fix the walls and prepare for war. But they only slap a thin coat of plaster over the broken walls. 11Tell those men that I will send hail and a strong rain ˻(enemy army)˼. The wind will blow hard and a tornado will come. Then the wall will fall down. 12The wall will fall down. And the people will ask the prophets, 'What happened to the plaster you put on the wall?’” 13The Lord my Master says, “I am angry and I will send a storm against you. I am angry and I will send a strong rain. I am angry and I will make hail fall from the sky and completely destroy you! 14You put plaster on the wall. But I will destroy the whole wall. I will pull it to the ground. The wall will fall on you. And then you will know that I am the Lord. 15I will finish showing my anger against the wall and the people that put plaster on it. Then I will say, 'There is no wall. And there are no workers to put plaster on it.’ 16“All those things will happen to the false prophets of Israel. Those prophets speak to the people of Jerusalem. Those prophets say there will be peace, but there is no peace.” The Lord my Master said those things. 17˻God said,˼ “Son of man, look at the women prophets in Israel. Those women prophets ˻don’t speak for me˼. They say the things they want to say. So you must speak against them for me. You must say these things to them. 18'The Lord my Master says these things: Bad things will happen to you women. You sew cloth bracelets for people to wear on their arms. You make special scarves for people to wear on their heads. ˻You say those things have magic powers˼ to control people’s lives. You trap those people only to keep yourselves alive! 19You make the people think I am not important. You turn them against me for a few handfuls of barley and a few scraps of bread. You tell lies to my people. Those people love to listen to lies. You kill people that should live. And you let people live that should die. 20So the Lord and Master says these things to you: You make those cloth bracelets to trap people—but I will set those people free. I will tear those bracelets off your arms, and the people will be free from you. They will be like birds flying from a trap! 21And I will tear up those scarves, and save my people from your power. Those people will escape from your trap. And you will know that I am the Lord. 22“'You prophets tell lies. Your lies hurt good people—I did not want to hurt those good people! You support bad people and encourage them. You don’t tell them to change their lives. You don’t try to save their lives! 23So you won’t see any more useless visions. You won’t do any more magic. I will save my people from your power. And you will know that I am the Lord.’”

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