Ezekiel 15

1Then the word of the Lord came to me. He said, 2“Son of man, are the pieces of wood from a grapevine any better than the little branches cut from trees in the forest? No! 3Can you use that wood from a grapevine to make anything? No! Can you use that wood to make pegs to hang dishes on? No! 4People only throw that wood into the fire. Some sticks begin to burn on the ends, the middles turn black from the fire, ˻but the sticks don’t burn completely˼. Can you make anything from that burnt stick? 5If you can’t make anything from that wood before it is burned, then you surely can’t make anything from that wood after it is burned! 6So the pieces of wood from a grapevine are just like pieces of wood from trees in the forest. People throw those pieces of wood into the fire. And the fire burns them. In the same way, I will throw the people living in Jerusalem into the fire!” The Lord my Master said these things. 7“I will punish those people. But some of those people will be like the sticks that don’t burn completely—they will be punished, but they won’t be destroyed completely. You will see that I punished these people, and you will know that I am the Lord! 8I will destroy that country because the people left me ˻to worship false gods˼.” The Lord my Master said those things.

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