Ezekiel 16

1Then the word of the Lord came to me. He said, 2“Son of man, tell the people of Jerusalem about the terrible things they have done. 3You must say, 'The Lord my Master says these things to Jerusalem: Look at your history. You were born in Canaan. Your father was an Amorite. Your mother was a Hittite. 4˻Jerusalem,˼ on the day you were born, there was no one to cut your naval cord. No one put salt on you and washed you to make you clean. No one wrapped you in cloth. 5˻Jerusalem, you were all alone.˼ No one felt sorry for you or took care of you. ˻Jerusalem,˼ on the day you were born, your parents threw you out in the field. You were still covered with the blood and afterbirth. 6“'Then I ˻(God)˼ passed by. I saw you lying there, kicking in the blood. You were covered with blood but I said, “Please live!” Yes, you were covered with blood but I said, “Please live!” 7I helped you grow like a plant in the field. You grew and grew. You became a young woman: your periods began, your breasts grew, your hair began to grow. But you were still bare and naked. 8I looked you over. I saw you were ready for love. So I spread my clothes over you and covered your nakedness. I promised to marry you. I made the agreement with you. And you became mine.’” The Lord my Master said these things. 9“'I washed you in water. I washed away your blood. And I rubbed oil on your skin. 10I gave you a nice dress and soft leather shoes. I gave you a linen headband and a silk scarf. 11Then I gave you some jewelry. I put bracelets on your arms and a necklace around your neck. 12I gave you a nose ring, some earrings, and a beautiful crown to wear. 13You were beautiful in your silver and gold jewelry, and your linen, silk, and embroidered material. You ate the best foods. You were very, very beautiful. And you became the queen! 14You became famous for your beauty. And all because I made you so lovely!’” The Lord my Master said these things. 15˻God said,˼ “But you began to trust in your beauty. You used the good name you had and became unfaithful to me. You acted like a prostitute with every man that passed by. You gave yourself to them all! 16You took your beautiful clothes and used them to decorate your places of worship. And you acted like a prostitute in those places. You gave yourself to every man that came by! 17Then you took your beautiful jewelry that I gave you. And you used that gold and silver to make statues of men. And you had sex with them too! 18Then you took the beautiful cloth and made clothes for those statues. You took the perfume and incense I gave you, and you put it in front of those idols. 19I gave you bread, honey, and oil. But you gave that food to your idols. You offered them as a sweet smell to please your false gods. You acted like a prostitute with those false gods!” The Lord my Master said these things. 20˻God said,˼ “You and I had children together. But you took our children. You killed them and gave them to those false gods! But that is only some of the bad things you did when you cheated on me and went to those false gods. 21You slaughtered my sons and then passed them ˻through the fire˼ to those false gods. 22You left me and did all those terrible things. And you never remembered the time when you were young. You did not remember that you were naked and kicking in blood ˻when I found you˼. 23“After all those bad things, ... Oh Jerusalem, it will be very bad for you!” The Lord my Master said all these things. 24“After all those things you made that mound ˻for worshiping that false god˼. You built those places for worshiping false gods on every street corner. 25You built your mounds at the head of every road. Then you degraded your beauty. You used it to catch every man that walked by. You raised your skirt so they could see your legs, and then you were like a prostitute with those men. 26Then you went to Egypt, your neighbor with the big sex organ. You had sex with him many times to make me angry. 27So I punished you! I took away part of your allowance ˻(land)˼. I let your enemies, the daughters ˻(cities)˼ of the Philistines do what they wanted to you. Even they were shocked at the bad things you did. 28Then you went to have sex with Assyria. You could not get enough. You were never satisfied. 29So you turned to Canaan, and then to Babylonia. And still you were not satisfied. 30You are so weak. You let all those men ˻(countries)˼ cause you to sin. You acted just like a domineering prostitute.” The Lord my Master said those things. 31˻God said,˼ “But you were not exactly like a prostitute. You built your mounds at the head of every road and you built your places of worship at every street corner. You had sex with all those men. But you did not ask them to pay you like a prostitute does. 32You adulterous woman. You prefer having sex with strangers rather than your own husband. 33Most prostitutes force men to pay them for sex. But you gave money to your many lovers. You paid all the men around to come in to have sex with you. 34You are just the opposite of most prostitutes. Most prostitutes force men to pay them. But you pay the men to have sex with you.” 35Prostitute, listen to the message from the Lord. 36The Lord my Master says these things: “You have spent your money and let your lovers and filthy gods see your naked body and have sex with you. You have killed your children and poured out their blood. This was your gift to those false gods. 37So I am bringing all of your lovers together. I will bring all the men you loved and all the men you hated. I will bring them all together and let them see you naked. They will see you completely naked. 38Then I will punish you. I will punish you as a murderer and a woman that did the sin of adultery. You will be punished as if by an angry and jealous husband. 39I will let those lovers have you. They will destroy your mounds. They will burn your places of worship. They will tear off your clothes and take your beautiful jewelry. They will leave you bare and naked ˻like you were when I found you˼. 40They will bring a crowd of people and throw rocks at you to kill you. Then they will cut you in pieces with their swords. 41They will burn your house ˻(temple)˼. They will punish you so all the other women can see. I will stop you from living like a prostitute. I will stop you from paying money to your lovers. 42Then I will stop being angry and jealous. I will calm down. I won’t be angry any more. 43Why will all these things happen? Because you did not remember what happened when you were young. You did all those bad things and made me angry. So I had to punish you for doing those bad things. But you planned even more terrible things.” The Lord my Master said those things. 44“All the people that talk about you will now have one more thing to say. They will say, 'Like mother, like daughter.’ 45You are your mother’s daughter. You don’t care about your husband or your children. You are just like your sister. Both of you hated your husband and your children. ˻˼ Your mother was a Hittite and your father was an Amorite. 46Your older sister was Samaria. She lived to the north of you with her daughters (towns). And your younger sister was Sodom. She lived to the south of you with her daughters (towns). 47You did all the terrible things they did. But you also did things that were even worse! 48I am the Lord and Master. I am alive. And by my life I promise, your sister Sodom and her daughters never did as many bad things as you and your daughters.” 49˻God said,˼ “Your sister Sodom and her daughters were proud, they had too much to eat, and too much time on their hands. And they did not help poor, helpless people. 50Sodom and her daughters became too proud and began to do terrible things in front of me. And when I saw them doing those things, I punished them.” 51˻God said,˼ “And Samaria did only half as many bad things as you did. You did many more terrible things than Samaria! You have done so many more terrible things than your sisters. Sodom and Samaria seem good compared to you. 52So you must bear your shame. You have made your sisters look good compared to you. You have done terrible things, so you should be ashamed.” 53˻God said,˼ “I destroyed Sodom and the towns around it. And I destroyed Samaria around it. And ˻Jerusalem,˼ I will destroy you. But I will build those cities again. And ˻Jerusalem,˼ I will build you again too. 54I will comfort you. Then you will remember the terrible things you did, and you will be ashamed. 55So you and your sisters will be built again. Sodom and the towns around her, Samaria and the towns around her, and you and the towns around you will all be built again.” 56˻God said,˼ “In the past, you were proud and made fun of your sister Sodom. But you won’t do that again. 57You did that before you were punished, before your neighbors started making fun of you. The daughters ˻(towns)˼ of Edom and Philistia are making fun of you now. 58Now you must suffer for the terrible things you did.” The Lord said these things. 59The Lord my Master said these things. “I will treat you like you treated me! You broke your marriage promise. You did not respect our Agreement. 60But I will remember the agreement we made when you were young. I made an agreement with you that will continue forever! 61I will bring your sisters to you, and I will make them your daughters. That was not in our agreement, but I will do that for you. Then you will remember the terrible things you did, and you will be ashamed. 62So I will make my agreement with you. And you will know that I am the Lord. 63˻I will be good to you˼ so you will remember me, and you will be so ashamed of the bad things you did that you will not be able to say anything. But I will make you pure, and you will never be ashamed again!” The Lord my Master said those things.

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