Ezekiel 19

1˻God said to me,˼ “You must sing this sad song about the leaders of Israel. 2“'Your mother is like a female lion lying there with the male lions. She went to lie down with the young male lions, and had many babies. 3One of her cubs gets up. He has grown to be a strong young lion. He has learned to catch his food. He killed and ate a man. 4The people heard him roar. And they caught him in their trap! They put hooks in his mouth, and carried the young lion to Egypt. 5“'The mother lion had hoped that cub would become the leader. But now she lost all hope. So she took another of her cubs. She trained him to be a lion. 6He went on hunts with the adult lions. He became a strong young lion. He learned to catch his food. He killed and ate a man. 7He attacked the palaces. He destroyed the cities. Every one in that country was too scared to speak when they heard his growl. 8Then the people living around him set a trap for him. And they caught him in their trap. 9They put hooks on him and locked him up. They had him in their trap. So they took him to the king of Babylon. And now, you can’t hear his roar on the mountains of Israel. 10“'Your mother is like a grapevine planted near the water. She had plenty of water, so she grew many strong vines. 11Then she grew large branches. They were like a strong walking stick. They were like a king’s scepter. The vine grew taller and taller. It had many branches and reached to the clouds. 12But the vine was pulled up by the roots, and thrown down to the ground. The hot east wind blew and dried its fruit. The strong branches broke. And they were thrown into the fire. 13Now that grapevine is planted in the desert. It is a very dry and thirsty land. 14A fire started in the large branch and spread to destroy all of its vines and fruit. So there was no strong walking stick. There was no king’s scepter.’ This was a sad song about death, and it was sung as a sad song about death.”

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