Ezekiel 26

1In the eleventh year ˻of exile˼, on the first day of the month, the word of the Lord came to me. He said, 2“Son of man, Tyre said bad things about Jerusalem: 'Hurray! The city gate protecting the people is destroyed! The city gate is open for me. The city ˻(Jerusalem)˼ is ruined, so I can get plenty of valuable things out of it!’” 3So the Lord my Master says: “I am against you, Tyre! I will bring many nations to fight against you. They will come again and again, like waves on the beach.” 4˻God said,˼ “Those enemy soldiers will destroy the walls of Tyre and pull down her towers. I will also scrape the topsoil from her land. I will make Tyre a bare rock. 5Tyre will become a place by the sea for spreading fishing nets. I have spoken!” The Lord my Master says, “Tyre will be like the valuable things soldiers take in war. 6Her daughters ˻(small towns) on the mainland will be killed in battle. Then they will know that I am the Lord.” 7The Lord my Master says these things, “I will bring an enemy from the north against Tyre. That enemy is Nebuchadnezzar, the great king of Babylon! He will bring a very large army. There will be horses, chariots, horse soldiers and many, many other soldiers! Those soldiers will be from many different nations. 8Nebuchadnezzar will kill your daughters ˻(small towns)˼ on the mainland. He will build towers to attack your city. He will build a dirt road around your city. He will build a dirt road leading up to the walls. 9He will bring the logs to break down your walls. He will use picks and break down your towers. 10There will be so many of his horses that the dust from them will cover you. Your walls will shake at the noise of horse soldiers, wagons, and chariots when the king of Babylon enters the city through your city gates. Yes, they will come into your city because its walls will be pulled down. 11The king of Babylon will come riding through your city. His horses’ hoofs will come pounding over your streets. He will kill your people with swords. The strong columns in your city will fall to the ground. 12Nebuchadnezzar’s men will take away your riches. They will take the things you wanted to sell. They will break down your walls and destroy your pleasant houses. They will throw your stones and wood ˻houses˼ into the sea like garbage. 13So I will stop the sound of your happy songs. People won’t hear your harps any more. 14I will make you a bare rock. You will be a place by the sea for spreading fishing nets! You won’t be built again. Why? Because I, the Lord, have spoken!” The Lord my Master said those things. 15The Lord my Master says this to Tyre: “The countries along the Mediterranean coast will shake at the sound of your fall. That will happen when your people are hurt and killed. 16Then all the leaders of the countries by the sea will step down from their thrones ˻and show their sadness˼. They will take off their special robes. They will take off their beautiful clothes. Then they will put on their 'clothes of shaking’ ˻(fear)˼. They will sit on the ground and shake with fear. They will be shocked at how quickly you were destroyed. 17They will sing this sad song about you: “'Tyre, you were a famous city. People came from across the sea to live in you. You were famous, but now you are gone! You were strong on the sea, and so were the people living in you. You made all the people living on the mainland afraid of you. 18Now, on the day you fall, the countries along the coast will shake with fear. You started many colonies along the coast. Now those people will be scared when you are gone!’” 19The Lord my Master says these things, “˻Tyre, I will destroy you˼ and you will become an old, empty city. No one will live there. I will cause the sea to flow over you. The great sea will cover you. 20I will send you down into that deep hole—to the place where dead people are. You will join the people that died long ago. I will send you to the world below, like all the other old, empty cities. You will be with all the others that go down to the grave. No one will live in you then. You will never again be in the land of the living! 21Other people will be afraid about what happened to you. You will be finished! People will look for you, but they will never find you again!” That is what the Lord my Master says.

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