Ezekiel 39

1“Son of man, speak against Gog for me. Tell him that the Lord and Master says these things, 'Gog, you are the most important leader of the countries Meshech and Tubal! But I am against you. 2I will capture you and bring you back. I will bring you from the far north. I will bring you to fight against the mountains of Israel. 3But I will knock your bow from your left hand. I will knock your arrows from your right hand. 4You will be killed on the mountains of Israel. You, your groups of soldiers, and all the other nations with you will be killed in the battle. I will give you as food to every kind of bird that eats meat and to all the wild animals. 5˻You will not enter the city.˼ You will be killed out in the open fields. I have spoken!’” The Lord my Master said those things. 6˻God said,˼ “I will send fire against Magog and those people living along the coast. They think they are safe, but they will know that I am the Lord. 7And I will make my holy name known among my people Israel. I will not let people ruin my holy name any more. The nations will know that I am the Lord. They will know that I am the Holy One in Israel. 8That time is coming! It will happen!” The Lord said these things. “That is the day I am talking about. 9“At that time, the people living in the cities of Israel will go out to the fields. They will collect the enemy’s weapons and burn them. They will burn all the shields, bows and arrows, clubs and spears. They will use those weapons as firewood for seven years. 10They won’t have to gather wood from the fields or chop firewood from the forests because they will use the weapons as firewood. They will take the valuable things from the soldiers that wanted to steal from them. They will take the good things from the soldiers that took good things from them.” The Lord my Master said these things. 11˻God said,˼ “At that time, I will choose a place in Israel to bury Gog. He will be buried in the Valley of the Travelers, east of the Dead Sea. It will block the road for travelers. Why? Because Gog and all his army will be buried in that place. People will call it 'The Valley of Gog’s Army.’ 12It will take seven months for the family of Israel to bury them. They must do this to make the land pure. 13The common people will bury those enemy soldiers. And those people will become famous on the day that I bring honor to myself.” The Lord my Master said those things. 14˻God said,˼ “Workers will be given a fulltime job burying those dead soldiers to make the land pure. Those workers will work for seven months. They will go around looking for dead bodies. 15Those workers will go around looking. If one of them sees a bone, then he will put up a marker by it. The sign will stay there until the grave diggers come and bury the bone in the Valley of Gog’s Army. 16That city of dead people ˻(graveyard)˼ will be named Hamonah. In this way, they will make the country pure.” 17The Lord my Master said these things, “Son of man, speak to all the birds and wild animals for me. Tell them, 'Come here! Come here! Gather around. Come eat this sacrifice I am preparing for you. There will be a very big sacrifice on the mountains of Israel. Come, eat the meat and drink the blood. 18You will eat the meat from the bodies of powerful soldiers. You will drink the blood from world leaders. They will be like rams, lambs, goats and fat bulls from Bashan. 19You can eat all the fat you want. You can drink blood until you are full. You will eat and drink from my sacrifice which I will kill for you. 20You will have plenty of meat to eat at my table. There will be horses and chariot ˻drivers˼, powerful soldiers, and all the other fighting men.’” The Lord my Master said those things. 21˻God said,˼ “I will let the other nations see what I have done. And those nations will begin to respect me! They will see my power that I used against that enemy. 22Then from that day on, the family of Israel will know that I am the Lord their God. 23And the nations will know why the family of Israel was carried away as prisoners to other countries. They will learn that my people turned against me. So I turned away from them. I let their enemies defeat them. So my people were killed in battle. 24They sinned and made themselves filthy. So I punished them for the things they did. I turned away from them ˻and refused to help them˼.” 25So the Lord my Master says these things: “Now I will bring the family of Jacob back from captivity. I will have mercy on the whole family of Israel. I will show my strong feelings for my holy name. 26The people will forget their shame and all the times they turned against me. They will live in safety on their own land. No one will make them afraid. 27I will bring my people back from other countries. I will gather them from the lands of their enemies. Then many nations will see how holy I am. 28They will know that I am the Lord their God. Why? Because I made them to leave their homes and go as prisoners to other countries. And then I gathered them together and brought them back to their own land. 29I will pour my Spirit onto the family of Israel. And after that time, I will never turn away from my people again.” The Lord my Master said those things.

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