Ezekiel 6

1Then the word of the Lord came to me again. 2He said, “Son of man, turn towards the mountains of Israel. Speak against them for me. 3Tell those mountains these things: 'Mountains of Israel, listen to this message from the Lord my Master! The Lord my Master says these things to the hills and mountains, and to the ravines and valleys. Look! I ˻(God)˼ am bringing the enemy to fight against you. I will destroy your high places. 4Your altars will be broken into pieces! Your incense altars will be smashed! And I will throw down your dead bodies in front of your filthy idols. 5I will put the dead bodies of the people of Israel in front of their filthy idols. I will scatter your bones around your altars. 6Bad things will happen wherever your people live. Their cities will become piles of rock. Their high places will be destroyed. Why? So that those places of worship will never be used again. Those altars will all be destroyed. People will never worship those filthy idols again. Those incense altars will be smashed. All the things you made will be completely destroyed! 7Your people will be killed. And then you will know that I am the Lord!’” 8˻God said,˼ “But I will let a few of your people escape. They will live in other countries for a short time. I will scatter them and force them to live in other countries. 9Then those survivors will be taken prisoners. They will be forced to live in other countries. But those survivors will remember me. I broke their spirit. They will hate themselves for the bad things they did. In the past, they turned away from me and left me. They chased after their filthy idols. They were like a woman leaving her husband and running after some other man. They did many terrible things. 10But they will know that I am the Lord. And they will know that if I say that I will do something, then I will do it! They will know that I caused all of the bad things that happened to them.” 11Then the Lord my Master said to me, “Clap your hands and stamp your feet. Speak against all the terrible things that the people of Israel have done. Warn them that they will be killed by disease and hunger. Tell them they will be killed in war. 12People far away will die from disease. People near this place will be killed with swords. And the people that are left in the city will starve to death. Only then will I stop being angry. 13And only then will you know that I am the Lord. You will know this when you see your dead bodies in front of your filthy idols and around their altars. Those bodies will be near every one of your places of worship—on every high hill and mountain, under every green tree and every oak tree with leaves. In all those places you offered your sacrifices. They were a sweet smell for your filthy idols. 14But I will raise my arm over you people and punish you and your people, wherever they live! I will destroy your country! It will be emptier than Diblah Desert. Then they will know that I am the Lord!”

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