Genesis 10

1Noah’s sons were Shem, Ham, and Japheth. After the flood, these three men became the fathers of many more sons. Here is a list of the sons that came from Shem, Ham, and Japheth. 2Japheth’s sons were: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech, and Tiras. 3Gomer’s sons were: Ashkenaz, Riphath, and Togarmah. 4Javan’s sons were: Elishah, Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim. 5All the people who lived in the area around the Mediterranean Sea came from these sons of Japheth. Each son had his own land. All the families grew and became different nations. Each nation had its own language. 6Ham’s sons were: Cush, Mizraim, Put, and Canaan. 7Cush’s sons were: Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, and Sabtecah. Raamah’s sons were: Sheba and Dedan. 8Cush also had a son named Nimrod. Nimrod became a very powerful man on earth. 9Nimrod was a great hunter before the Lord. That is why people compare other men to Nimrod and say, “That man is like Nimrod, a great hunter before the Lord.” 10Nimrod’s kingdom spread from Babylon to Erech, Akkad, and Calneh in the land of Shinar. 11Nimrod also went into Assyria. In Assyria, Nimrod built the cities of Nineveh, Rehoboth Ir, Calah, and 12Resen. (Resen is the city between Nineveh and Calah, the big city.) 13Mizraim was the father of the people of Lud, Anam, Lehab, Naphtuh, 14Pathrus, Casluh, and Caphtor. (The Philistine people came from Casluh.) 15Canaan was the father of Sidon. Sidon was Canaan’s first son. Canaan was also the father of ˻Het, the father of˼ the Hittite people. 16And Canaan was the father of the Jebusite people, the Amorite people, the Girgashite people, 17the Hivite people, the Arkite people, the Sinite people, 18the Arvadite people, the Zemarite people, and the people from Hamath. The families of Canaan spread to different parts of the world. 19The land of the people of Canaan was from Sidon in the north to Gerar in the south, from Gaza in the west to Sodom and Gomorrah in the east, from Admah and Zeboiim to Lasha. 20All those people were descendants of Ham. All those families had their own languages and their own lands. They became separate nations. 21Shem was Japheth’s older brother. One of Shem’s descendants was Eber, the father of all the Hebrew people. 22Shem’s sons were Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud, and Aram. 23Aram’s sons were Uz, Hul, Gether, and Mash. 24Arphaxad was the father of Shelah. Shelah was the father of Eber. 25Eber was the father of two sons. One son was named Peleg. He was given this name because the earth was divided during his life. The other son was named Joktan. 26Joktan was the father of Almodad, Sheleph, Hazarmaveth, Jerah, 27Hadoram, Uzal, Diklah, 28Obal, Abimael, Sheba, 29Ophir, Havilah, and Jobab. All those people were Joktan’s sons. 30Those people lived in the area between Mesha and the hill country in the East. Mesha was toward the country of Sephar. 31Those are the people from the family of Shem. They are arranged by families, languages, countries, and nations. 32That is the list of the families from Noah’s sons. They are arranged according to their nations. From those families came all the people who spread across the earth after the flood.

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