Genesis 43

1The time of hunger was very bad in that country. 2The people ate all the grain they had brought from Egypt. When that grain was gone, Jacob said to his sons, “Go to Egypt and buy some more grain for us to eat.” 3But Judah said to Jacob, “But the governor of that country warned us. He said, 'If you don’t bring your brother back to me, then I will refuse to talk to you.’ 4If you will send Benjamin with us, then we can go down and buy grain. 5But if you refuse to send Benjamin, then we will not go. That man warned us to not come back without him.” 6Israel ˻(Jacob)˼ said, “Why did you tell him you had another brother? Why did you do such a bad thing to me?” 7The brothers answered, “That man asked lots of questions. He wanted to know all about us and about our family. He asked us, 'Is your father still alive? Do you have another brother at home?’ We only answered his questions. We didn’t know he would ask us to bring our brother to him!” 8Then Judah said to his father Israel, “Let Benjamin go with me. I will take care of him. We have to go to Egypt to get food. If we don’t go, then we will all die, including our children. 9I will make sure he is safe. I will be responsible for him. If I don’t bring him back to you, then you can blame me forever. 10If you had let us go before, we could already have made two trips for food.” 11Then their father Israel said, “If it is really true, then take Benjamin with you. But take some gifts to the governor. Take some of the things we have been able to gather in our land. Take him some honey, pistachio nuts, almonds, gum, and myrrh. 12Take twice as much money with you this time. Take the money that was given back to you after you paid last time. Maybe the governor made a mistake. 13Take Benjamin, and go back to the man. 14I pray that God All-Powerful will help you when you stand before the governor. I pray that he will let Benjamin, and also Simeon, come back safely. If not, I will again be sad from losing my son.” 15So the brothers took the gifts to give to the governor. And the brothers took twice as much money with them as they took the first time. This time, Benjamin went with the brothers to Egypt. 16In Egypt, Joseph saw Benjamin with them. Joseph said to his servant, “Bring those men into my house. Kill an animal and cook it. Those men will eat with me at noon today.” 17The servant did as he was told. He brought the men into Joseph’s house. 18The brothers were scared when they were taken to Joseph’s house. They said, “We have been brought here because of the money that was put back in our sacks the last time. They will use that as proof against us. And they will steal our donkeys and make us slaves.” 19So the brothers went to the servant in charge of Joseph’s house. 20They said, “Sir, I promise this is the truth: The last time we came, we came to buy food. 21- 22On the way home, we opened our sacks and found our money in every sack. We don’t know how it got there. But we brought that money with us to give it back to you. And we have brought more money to pay for the food that we want to buy this time.” 23But the servant answered, “Don’t be afraid; believe me. Your God, the God of your father, must have put the money in your sack as a gift. I remember that you paid me for the grain the last time.” Then the servant brought Simeon out of the prison. 24The servant led the men into Joseph’s house. He gave them water. And they washed their feet. Then he gave their donkeys food to eat. 25The brothers heard that they were going to eat with Joseph. So they worked until noon preparing their gifts for him. 26Joseph came home, and the brothers gave him the gifts that they had brought with them. Then they bowed down on the ground in front of him. 27Joseph asked them how they were doing. Joseph said, “How is your elderly father you told me about. Is he still alive and well?” 28The brothers answered, “Yes sir, our father is still alive.” And they again bowed before Joseph. 29Then Joseph saw his brother, Benjamin. (Benjamin and Joseph had the same mother.) Joseph said, “Is this your youngest brother that you told me about?” Then Joseph said to Benjamin, “God bless you, my son!” 30Then Joseph ran from the room. Joseph wanted very much to show his brother Benjamin that he loved him. He felt like crying, but he didn’t want his brothers to see him crying. So Joseph ran to his room and cried there. 31Then Joseph washed his face and came out. He took control of himself and said, “Now it is time to eat.” 32The servants seated Joseph at a table by himself. His brothers were at another table by themselves. And the Egyptians were at table by themselves. The Egyptians believed that it was wrong for them to eat with Hebrews. 33Joseph’s brothers sat at a table in front of him. The brothers were sitting in order, from the oldest brother to the youngest. All the brothers kept looking at each other, wondering what was happening. 34Servants were taking food from Joseph’s table and bringing it to them. But the servants gave Benjamin five times more than the others. The brothers continued to eat and drink there with Joseph until they were almost drunk.

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