Habakkuk 1

1This is the message that was given to Habakkuk the prophet. 2Lord, I continue to ask for help. When will you listen to me? I cried to you about the violence. But you did nothing! 3People are stealing things and hurting other people. People are arguing and fighting. Why do you make me look at these terrible things? 4The law is weak and not fair to people. Evil people win their fights against good people. So, the law is no longer fair. Justice doesn’t win anymore! 5˻The Lord answered,˼ “Look at the other nations! Watch them, and you will be amazed. I will do something in your lifetime that will amaze you. ˻You will have to see it to believe it.˼ You would not believe it if you were told about it. 6I will make the Babylonian people a strong nation. Those people are mean and powerful fighters. They will march across the earth. They will take houses and cities that don’t belong to them. 7The Babylonian people will scare the other people. The Babylonian people will do what they want to do and go where they want to go. 8Their horses will be faster than leopards and meaner than wolves at sunset. Their horse soldiers will come from faraway places. They will attack their enemies quickly, like a hungry eagle swooping down from the sky. 9The one thing they all want to do is fight. Their armies will march fast like the wind in the desert. And the Babylonian soldiers will take many, many prisoners—as many as the grains of sand. 10“The Babylonian soldiers will laugh at the kings of other nations. Foreign rulers will be like jokes to them. The Babylonian soldiers will laugh at the cities with tall, strong walls. The soldiers will simply build dirt roads up to the top of the walls and easily defeat the cities. 11Then they will leave like the wind and go on to fight against other places. The only thing those Babylonians will worship is their own strength.” 12˻Then Habakkuk said,˼ “Lord, you are the Lord who lives forever! You are my holy God who never dies! Lord, you created the Babylonian people to do what must be done. Our Rock, you created them to punish ˻the people of Judah˼. 13Your eyes are too good to look at evil. You can’t watch people doing wrong. So how can you watch those evil people win? How can you watch bad people defeating good people? 14“You have made the people like fish in the sea. They are like little sea-animals without a leader. 15The enemy catches all of them with hooks and nets. The enemy catches them in his net and drags them in. And the enemy is very happy with what he caught. 16His net helps him live like a rich man and enjoy the best food. So the enemy worships his net. He makes sacrifices and burns incense to honor his net. 17Will he continue to take riches with his net? Will he continue destroying people without showing mercy?

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