Habakkuk 3

1The Shiggayon prayer of Habakkuk the prophet. 2Lord, I have heard the news about you. Lord, I am amazed at the powerful things that you did in the past. Now I pray that you will do great things in our time. Please make those things happen in our own days. But in your excitement, remember to show mercy to us. selah 3God is coming from Teman. The Holy One is coming from Mount Paran. selah The glory of the Lord covers the heavens! His praise fills the earth! 4Rays of light shine from his hand, a bright, shining light. There is such power hiding ˻in that hand˼. 5The sickness went before him. And the destroyer followed behind him. 6The Lord stood and judged the earth. He looked at the people of all the nations. And they shook with fear. For many years the mountains stood strong. But those mountains fell to pieces. The old, old hills fell down. God has always been like that! 7I saw the cities of Cushan were in trouble. The houses of Midian trembled with fear. 8Lord, were you angry at the rivers? Were you angry at the streams? Were you angry at the sea? Were you angry when you rode your horses and chariots to victory? 9Even then you showed your rainbow. It was proof of your Agreement with the families of the earth. selah And the dry land split the rivers. 10The mountains saw you and shook. The water flowed off the land. The water from the sea made a loud noise as it lost its power over the land. 11The sun and the moon lost their brightness. They stopped shining when they saw your bright flashes of lightning. That lightning was like spears and arrows shooting through the air. 12In anger you walked on the earth and punished the nations. 13You came to save your people. You came to lead your chosen king to victory. You killed the leader in every evil family, from the least important person to the most important in the land. selah 14You used Moses’ walking stick to stop the enemy soldiers. Those soldiers came like a powerful storm to fight against us. They thought they could defeat us easily, like robbing a poor man in secret. 15But you marched your horses through the deep water, stirring up the mud. 16My whole body shook when I heard the story. I whistled out loud! I felt weak deep down in my bones. I just stood there shaking. So I will wait patiently for the day of destruction when they come to attack the people. 17Figs might not grow on the fig trees. Grapes might not grow on the vines. Olives might not grow on the olive trees. Food might not grow in the fields. There might not be any sheep in the pens. There might not be any cattle in the barns. 18But I will still be glad in the Lord. I will rejoice in God my savior. 19The Lord, my Master, gives me my strength. He helps me run fast like a deer. He leads me safely on the mountains.

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