Hosea 5

1“Priests, nation of Israel, and people in the king’s family, listen to me. You have been judged guilty! “You were like a trap at Mizpah. You were like a net spread on the ground at Tabor. 2You have done many, many bad things. So I will punish you all! 3I know Ephraim. I know the things that Israel has done. Ephraim, right now you act like a prostitute. Israel is dirty with sins. 4The people of Israel have done many bad things. And those bad things keep them from coming back to their God. They are always thinking of ways to chase after other gods. They don’t know the Lord. 5Israel’s pride is a witness against them. So Israel and Ephraim will stumble in their sin. But Judah will also stumble with them. 6“The leaders of the people went to look for the Lord. They took their 'sheep’ and 'cows’ with them. But they did not find the Lord. Why? Because he left them. 7They have not been faithful to the Lord. Their children are from some stranger. And now, he will destroy them and their land again.” 8“Blow the horn in Gibeah. Blow the trumpet in Ramah. Give the warning at Beth-Aven. The enemy is behind you, Benjamin. 9Ephraim will become empty at the time of punishment. I ˻(God)˼ warn the families of Israel that those things really will happen. 10The leaders of Judah are like thieves trying to steal another man’s property. So I ˻(God)˼ will pour out my anger on them like water. 11Ephraim will be punished. He will be crushed and pressed like grapes. Why? Because he decided to follow filth. 12I will destroy Ephraim, like a moth destroys a piece of cloth. I ˻will destroy˼ Judah, like rot ˻destroys a piece of wood˼. 13Ephraim saw his sickness, and Judah saw his wound. So they went to Assyria for help. They told their problems to the great king. But that king can’t heal you. He can’t cure your wound. 14Why? Because I will be like a lion to Ephraim. I will be like a young lion to the nation of Judah. I—yes, I ˻(the Lord)˼—will rip them to pieces. I will carry them away, And no person can save. 15I will go back to my place, until the people admit they are guilty, until they come looking for me. Yes, in their trouble they will try hard to find me.”

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