Isaiah 15

1This is a sad message about Moab: One night, armies took the wealth from Ar, Moab. That night, the city was destroyed. One night, armies took the wealth from Kir, Moab. That night, the city was destroyed. 2The king’s family and the people of Dibon are going to the places of worship to cry. The people of Moab are crying for Nebo and Medeba. The people shaved their heads and beards ˻to show they are sad˼. 3Everywhere in Moab, on the housetops and in the streets, people are wearing black clothes, people are crying. 4People in the cities Heshbon and Elealeh are crying very loudly. You can hear their voices far away in the city Jahaz. Even the soldiers are scared. The soldiers are shaking from fear. 5My heart cries with sorrow for Moab. People are running for safety. They run far away to Zoar. They run to Eglath Shelishiyah. The people are crying as they go up the mountain road to Luhith. The people are crying very loudly as they walk on the road to Horonaim. 6But Nimrim Brook is dry like a desert. All the plants are dead. Nothing is green. 7So the people gather the things they own, ˻and they leave Moab˼. They carry those things, and cross ˻the border˼ at Poplar Creek. 8Crying can be heard everywhere in Moab. The people are crying far away in the city Eglaim. And the people are crying in the city Beer Elim. 9The water of Dimon is full of blood. And I ˻(the Lord)˼ will bring even more troubles to Dimon. A few people living in Moab have escaped the enemy. But I will send lions to eat those people.

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