Isaiah 16

1You people should send a gift to the king of the land. You should send a lamb from Sela, through the desert, to the mountain of the Daughter of Zion. 2The women of Moab try to cross the river Arnon. They run from one place to another looking for help. They are like little birds lost on the ground after their nest has fallen from a tree. 3They say, ”Help us! Tell us what to do! Protect us ˻from our enemies˼ like shade protects us from the noon sun. We are running from our enemies. Hide us! Don’t give us to our enemies.” 4Those people from Moab were forced to leave their homes. So let them live in your land. Hide them ˻from their enemies˼. The looting will stop. The enemy will be defeated. The men that hurt other people will be gone from the land. 5Then a new king will come. This king will be from David’s family. He will be loyal. He will be loving and kind. This king will judge fairly. He will do things that are right and good. 6We have heard that the people of Moab are very proud and conceited. These people are violent and they boast. But the boasts are only empty words. 7˻The whole country of Moab will suffer because of that pride.˼ All the people of Moab will cry. The people will be sad—they will want the things they had in the past. They will want the fig-cakes made in Kir Hareseth. 8˻The people will be sad˼ because the fields of Heshbon and the vines of Sibmah are not able to grow grapes. Foreign rulers have cut down the grapevines. The ˻enemy armies have˼ spread far to the city of Jazer and into the desert. And they have spread down to the sea. 9“I will cry with the peopleof Jazer and Sibmah because the grapes have been destroyed. I will cry with the people of Heshbon and Elealeh because there will be no harvest. There will be no summer fruit. And there will be no shouts of joy. 10There will be no joy and singing in Carmel. I will end the happiness at harvest time. The grapes are ready to become wine. But they will all be wasted. 11So, I am very sad for Moab. I am very sad for Kir Heres. I am very, very sad for these cities. 12The people of Moab will go to their places of worship. The people will try to pray. But they will see what happened, and they will be too weak to pray.” 13The Lord said these things about Moab many times. 14And now the Lord says, “In three years (the way a hired helper counts time) all those people and the things they are proud of will be gone. There will be a few people left, but there will not be many.”

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