Isaiah 27

1At that time, the Lord will judge Leviathan, the crooked snake. The Lord will use his great sword, his hard and powerful sword, to punish Leviathan, the coiled snake. The Lord will kill the large creature in the sea. 2At that time, people will sing about the pleasant vineyard. 3“I, the Lord, will care for that garden. I will water the garden at the right time. I will guard that garden day and night. No one will hurt that garden. 4I am not angry. But if there is war and someone builds a wall of thorn bushes, then I will march to it and burn it. 5But if any person comes to me for safety and wants to make peace with me, then let him come, and make peace with me. 6People will come ˻to me˼. Those people will help Jacob ˻to be strong˼ like a plant with good roots. Those people will cause Israel to grow like a plant beginning to bloom. Then the land will be filled with ˻the children of Israel˼ like fruit from plants.” 7˻How will the Lord punish his people? In the past˼ enemies hurt the people. Will the Lord hurt them that same way? ˻In the past˼ many people were killed. Will the Lord do the same thing and kill many people? 8The Lord will settle his argument with Israel by sending her far away. The Lord will speak harshly to Israel. His words will burn like the hot desert wind. 9How will Jacob’s guilt be forgiven? What will happen so his sins can be taken away? ˻These things will happen˼: The rocks of the altar will be crushed to dust; the statues and altars for worshiping false gods will all be destroyed. 10At that time, the great city will be empty—it will be like a desert. All the people will be gone—they will run away. That city will be like an open pasture. Young cattle will eat grass there. The cattle will eat leaves from the branches of the vines. 11The vines will become dry. And the branches will break off. Women will use those branches for firewood. The people refuse to understand. So God, their Maker, will not comfort them. Their Maker will not be kind to them. 12At that time, the Lord will begin separating his people from others. He will begin at the Euphrates River. The Lord will gather all his people from the Euphrates River to the River of Egypt. You people of Israel will be gathered together one by one. 13Many of my people are now lost in Assyria. Some of my people have run away to Egypt. But at that time, a great trumpet will be blown. And all those people will come back to Jerusalem. Those people will bow down before the Lord on that holy mountain.

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