Isaiah 4

1At that time, seven women will grab one man. The women will say, “We will make our own bread to eat. And we will make our own clothes to wear. We will do all these things for ourselves if you will only ˻marry us˼. Let us have your name. Please, take away our shame.” 2At that time, the Lord’s plant ˻(Judah)˼ will be very beautiful and great. The people still living in Israel will be very proud of the things the land grows. 3At that time, all the people that are still living in Zion and Jerusalem will be called holy ˻(special)˼ people. This will happen to all the people that have their names on a special list; the list of people that will be allowed to continue living. 4The Lord will wash away the blood from the women of Zion. The Lord will wash all the blood out of Jerusalem. God will use the spirit of justice ˻and judge fairly˼. And he will use the spirit of burning, ˻and make everything pure˼. 5˻At that time, God will prove that he is with his people.˼ During the day, God will make a cloud of smoke. And during the night, God will make a bright flaming fire. These proofs will be in the sky over every building and over every meeting of the people on the mountain of Zion. There will be a covering over every person for protection. 6This covering will be a place of safety. The covering will protect the people from the heat of the sun. The covering will be a safe place to hide from all kinds of floods and rain.

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