Isaiah 42

1“Look at my Servant! I support him. He is the one I chose. And I am very pleased with him. I put my Spirit in him. He will judge the nations fairly. 2He will not speak loudly in the streets. He will not cry out or yell. 3˻He will be gentle.˼ He will not break even a crushed reed. He will not put out even a weak flame. He will judge fairly and find the truth. 4He will not become weak or be crushed until he brings justice to the world. And people in faraway places will trust his teachings.” 5The Lord, the ˻true˼ God, said these things. (The Lord made the skies. The Lord spread the skies over the earth. He also made everything on the earth. The Lord breathes life into all people on earth. The Lord gives a spirit to every person that walks on the earth.) 6“I, the Lord, called you to do right. I will hold your hand. And I will protect you. You will be the sign that shows ˻I have˼ an Agreement with the people. You will be a light to shine for all people. 7You will open the eyes of the blind people, and they will be able to see. Many people are in prison; you will free those people. Many people live in darkness; you will lead them out of that prison. 8“I am the Lord. My name is Yahweh. I will not give my glory to another. I will not let statues ˻(false gods)˼ take the praise that should be mine. 9In the beginning, I said some things would happen, and those things happened! And now, before it happens, I am telling you about some things that will happen in the future.” 10Sing a new song to the Lord, all you people in faraway countries, all you people that sail on the seas, all you animals in the oceans, all you people in faraway places, praise the Lord! 11Deserts and cities, villages of Kedar, praise the Lord! People living in Sela, sing for joy! Sing from the top of your mountain. 12Give glory to the Lord. Praise him all you people in faraway lands! 13The Lord will go out like a strong soldier. He will be like a man ready to fight a war. He will become very excited. He will cry out and shout loudly, and he will defeat his enemies. 14“For a long time I have said nothing. I controlled myself and didn’t say anything. But now I will cry out like a woman giving birth to a child. I will breath very hard and loud. 15I will destroy the hills and mountains. I will dry up all the plants that grow there. I will change rivers to dry land. I will dry up pools of water. 16Then I will lead the blind people in a way they never knew. I will lead the blind people to places they have never been before. I will change darkness into light for them. And I will make the rough ground smooth. I will do the things I promised! And I will not leave my people. 17But some of the people stopped following me. Those people have statues that are covered with gold. They tell those statues, 'You are my gods.’ Those people trust their false gods. But those people will be disappointed! 18“You deaf people should hear me! You blind people should look and see me! 19In all the world, my servant is the most blind! The messenger I send ˻to the world˼ is the most deaf. The one I made the Agreement with —the servant of the Lord— is the most blind. 20My servant sees what he should do, but he does not obey me. He can hear with his ears, but he refuses to listen to me.” 21The Lord wants his servant to be good. The Lord wants him to honor his wonderful teachings. 22But look at the people. Other people have defeated them and have stolen things from them. All the young men are afraid. They are locked in the prisons. People have taken their money from them. And there is no person to save them. Other people took their money. And there was no person to say, ”Give it back!” 23Did any of you people listen to ˻God’s˼ words? No! But you should listen very closely to his words ˻and think about what happened˼. 24Who let people take the wealth from Jacob and Israel? The Lord allowed them to do this! We sinned against the Lord. So the Lord allowed people to take away our wealth. The people of Israel did not want to live the way the Lord wanted. The people of Israel did not listen to his teaching. 25So the Lord became angry at them. The Lord caused powerful wars against them. It was like the people of Israel had fire all around them. But they did not know what was happening. It was like they were burning. But they did not try to understand the things that were happening.

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