Isaiah 46

1Bel and Nebo, will bow down before me. ˻Those false gods are only statues.˼ Men put those statues on the backs of animals—those statues are only heavy burdens that must be carried. The false gods do nothing but make people tired. 2Those false gods will all bow down—they will all fall. Those false gods can’t escape—they will all be carried away like prisoners. 3“Family of Jacob, listen to me! All you people from Israel that are still alive, listen! I have been carrying you. I have carried you since the time you were in your mother’s body. 4I carried you when you were born, and I will carry you when you become old. Your hair will become gray, and I will still carry you, because I made you. I will continue to carry you and I will save you. 5“Can you compare me to anyone? No! No person is equal to me. You can’t understand everything about me. There is nothing like me. 6Some people are rich with gold and silver. Gold falls from their purses, and they weigh their silver on scales. Those people pay an artist to make a false god from wood. Then those people bow down and worship that false god. 7Those people put their false god on their shoulders and carry it. That false god is useless—people have to carry it! People set the statue on the ground; and that false god can’t move. That false god never walks away from its place. People can yell at it, but it will not answer. That false god is only a statue—it can’t save people from their troubles. 8“You people have sinned. You should think about these things again. Remember these things and be strong. 9Remember the things that happened long ago. Remember that I am God. There is no other God. Those false gods are not like me. 10“In the beginning, I told you about the things that will happen in the end. A long time ago, I told you things that had not yet happened. When I plan something—that thing happens. I do the things I want to do. 11And I am calling a man from the east. That man will be like an eagle. He will come from a faraway country, and he will do the things I decide to do. I am telling you that I will do this, and I will do it. I made him, and I will bring him! 12“Some of you think that you have great power—but you don’t do good things. Listen to me! 13I will do good things! Soon, I will save ˻my people˼. I will bring salvation to Zion and to my wonderful Israel.”

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