Isaiah 53

1Who really believed the things we announced? Who really accepted the Lord’s punishment? 2He grew up like a small plant before the Lord. He was like a root growing in dry ground. He did not look special. He had no special glory. If we looked at him, we would see nothing special that would cause us to like him. 3People made fun of him, and his friends left him. He was a man that had much pain. He knew sickness very well. People did not even give him the honor of looking at him. We did not even notice him. 4But he took our troubles and made them his. He bore our pain, and we thought God was punishing him. We thought God beat him ˻for something he did˼. 5But he was given pain to suffer for the wrong things we did. He was crushed for our guilt. A debt we owed—our punishment—was given to him. We were healed ˻(forgiven)˼ because of his pain. 6But ˻even after he did this,˼ all of us wandered away like sheep. We all went our own way. ˻We did this after˼ the Lord ˻freed us from our guilt and˼ put all our guilt on him. 7He was hurt and punished. But he never protested. He said nothing—like a sheep being taken to be killed. He was like a lamb that makes no sound when someone cuts off its wool. He never opened his mouth ˻to defend himself˼. 8Men used force and took him—and they did not judge him fairly. No person can tell about his future family, because he was taken from the land of living people. He was punished to pay for the sins of my people. 9He died and was buried with the rich. He was buried with evil men. He did nothing wrong—he never spoke lies—but still these things happened to him. 10The Lord decided to crush him. The Lord decided that he must suffer, so the Servant gave himself to be the one to die. But he will live a new life for a long, long time. He will see his people. He will complete the things the Lord wants him to do. 11He will suffer many things in his soul, but he will see the good things that happen. He will be satisfied with the things he learns. My Good Servant will make many people not guilty; he will carry away their guilt. 12For this reason, I will reward him among my people. He will have a share of all things with the people that are strong. ˻I will do this for him˼ because he gave his life for the people and died. People said he was a criminal. But ˻the truth is that˼ he carried away the sins of many, many people. And now he speaks for people that have sinned.”

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