Isaiah 63

1Who is this coming from Edom? He comes from Bozrah. And his clothes are stained bright red. He is glorious in his clothes. He is walking tall with his great power. He says, ”I have the power to save you. And I speak the truth.” 2“Why are your clothes bright red? They are like the clothes of a person that walks on grapes to make wine!” 3˻He answers,˼ “I walked in the winepress by myself. No one helped me. I was angry and I walked on the grapes. The juice splashed on my clothes. So now my clothes are dirty. 4I chose a time to punish people. Now the time has come for me to save and protect my people. 5I looked around, but I saw no person to help me. I was surprised that no one supported me. So I used my own power to save my people. My own anger supported me. 6While I was angry, I walked on people. I punished them while I was mad. I poured their blood on the ground.” 7I will remember that the Lord is kind. And I will remember to praise the Lord. The Lord gave many good things to the family of Israel. The Lord has been very kind to us. The Lord showed mercy to us. 8The Lord said, ”These are my people. These are my real children.” So the Lord saved those people. 9The people had many troubles, but the Lord was not against them. The Lord loved the people and felt sorry for them. So the Lord saved them. He sent his special angel to save them. He picked them up and carried them, and ˻he will take care of them˼ forever. 10But the people turned against the Lord. They made his Holy Spirit very sad. So the Lord became their enemy. The Lord fought against those people. 11But the Lord still remembers what happened a long time ago. He remembers Moses and his people. The Lord is the One who brought the people through the sea. The Lord used his shepherds ˻(prophets)˼ to lead his flock ˻(people)˼. But where is the Lord now— the One who put his Spirit in Moses? 12The Lord led Moses by the right hand. The Lord used his wonderful power to lead Moses. The Lord divided the water so that the people could walk through the sea. The Lord made his name famous by doing those great things. 13The Lord led the people through the deep seas. The people walked without falling, like a horse walking through the desert. 14A cow does not fall, just walking in the field. ˻In the same way, the people did not fall while going through the sea.˼ The Lord’s Spirit led the people to a resting place. The people were safe the whole time. Lord, that is the way you led your people. You led the people and you made your name wonderful. 15Lord, look down from the heavens. See the things that are happening now! Look down at us from your great and holy home in heaven. Where is your strong love for us? Where are your powerful works that come from deep inside you? Where is your mercy for me? Why are you hiding your kind love from me? 16Look! You are our father! Abraham doesn’t know us. Israel ˻(Jacob)˼ does not recognize us. Lord, you are our father! You are the One who has always saved us! 17Lord, why are you pushing us away from you? Why are you making it hard for us to follow you? Come back to us Lord! We are your servants. Come to us and help us! Our families belong to you. 18Your holy people lived in their land only a short time. Then our enemies trampled ˻(walk on)˼ your holy temple. 19Some people don’t follow you. Those people don’t wear your name. And we were like those people.

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