Isaiah 64

1If you would tear open the skies and come down to earth, ˻then everything would change˼. The mountains would melt before you. 2˻The mountains˼ would burst into flames like burning bushes. ˻The mountains would boil like˼ water on the fire. Then your enemies would learn about you. Then all nations would shake with fear when they see you. 3But we don’t really want you to do these things. The mountains would melt before you. 4Your people never really listened to you. Your people never really heard the things you said. No person has ever seen a God like you. There is no other God—only you. If people are patient and wait for you to help them, then you will do great things for them. 5You are with people that enjoy doing good. Those people remember you by living the way you want them to. But in the past we sinned against you. So you became angry at us. Now, how will we be saved? 6We are all dirty with sin. Even our good works ˻are not pure˼. They are like blood-stained rags. We are all like dead leaves. Our sins have carried us away like wind. 7We don’t worship you. We don’t trust in your name. We aren’t excited about following you. So you have turned away from us. We are helpless before you, because we are full of sin. 8But Lord, you are our father. We are like clay. And you are the potter. Your hands made us all. 9Lord, don’t continue to be angry with us! Don’t remember our sins forever! Please, look at us! We are your people. 10Your holy cities are empty. Those cities are like deserts now. Zion is a desert! Jerusalem is destroyed! 11Our ancestors worshiped you in our holy temple. Our temple was so wonderful, but now it has been burned in the fire! All our precious possessions have been destroyed. 12Will these things always keep you from ˻showing your love to us˼? Will you continue to say nothing? Will you punish us forever?

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