Jeremiah 20

1A man named Pashhur was a priest. He was the highest officer in the temple of the Lord. Pashhur was the son of a man named Immer. Pashhur heard Jeremiah preach those things in the temple yard. 2So he had Jeremiah the prophet beaten. And he had Jeremiah’s hands and feet locked between large blocks of wood. This was at the Upper Gate of Benjamin of the temple. 3The next day Pashhur took Jeremiah out from between the blocks of wood. Then Jeremiah said to Pashhur, “The Lord’s name for you is not Pashhur. Now the Lord’s name for you is Terror on Every Side. 4That is your name, because the Lord says: 'I will soon make you a terror to yourself! I will soon make you a terror to all your friends. You will watch enemies killing your friends with swords. I will give all the people of Judah to the king of Babylon. He will take the people of Judah away to the country of Babylon. And his army will kill the people of Judah with their swords. 5The people of Jerusalem worked hard to build things and become wealthy. But I will give all those things to their enemies. The king in Jerusalem has many treasures. But I will give all those treasures to the enemy. The enemy will take those things and carry them away to the country of Babylon. 6And Pashhur, you and all the people living in your house will be taken away. You will be forced to go and live in the country of Babylon. You will die in Babylon. And you will be buried in that foreign country. You preached lies to your friends. ˻You said these things would not happen.˼ But all of your friends will also die and be buried in Babylon.’” 7Lord, you tricked me, and I certainly was fooled. You are stronger than I am, so you won. I have become a joke. People laugh at me and make fun of me all day long. 8Every time I speak, I shout. I am always shouting about violence and destruction. I tell the people about the message that I received from the Lord. But people only insult me and make fun of me. 9Sometimes I say to myself, ”I will forget about the Lord. I will not speak any more in the name of the Lord!” But when I say that, then the Lord’s message is like a fire burning inside of me! It feels like it is burning deep in my bones! I get tired of trying to hold the Lord’s message inside of me. And finally, I am not able to hold it in. 10I hear people whispering against me. Everywhere, I hear things that scare me. Even my friends are saying things against me. People are just waiting for me to make some mistake. They are saying, ”Let us lie and say he did some bad thing. Maybe we can trick Jeremiah. Then we will have him. We will finally be rid of him. Then we will grab him and take our revenge on him.” 11But the Lord is with me. The Lord is like a strong soldier. So the people that are chasing me will fall. Those people will not defeat me. Those people will fail. They will be disappointed. Those people will be ashamed. And people will never forget that shame. 12Lord All-Powerful, you test good people. You look deeply into a person’s mind. I told you my arguments against those people. So let me see you give them the punishment that they deserve. 13Sing to the Lord! Praise the Lord! The Lord saves the lives of poor people! He saves them from wicked people! 14Curse the day that I was born! Don’t bless the day my mother had me. 15Curse the man that told my father the news that I was born. ”You have a son,” he said. ”It is a boy!” He made my father very happy when he told him that news. 16Let that man be the same as the cities that the Lord destroyed. The Lord did not have any pity on those cities. Let that man hear shouts of war in the morning. And let him hear battle cries at noontime. 17Why? Because that man did not kill me while I was in my mother’s body. If he had killed me at that time, my mother would have been my grave, and I would never have been born. 18Why did I have to come out of the body? All I have seen is trouble and sorrow. And my life will end in shame.

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