Jeremiah 8

1This message is from the Lord: “At that time, men will take the bones of the kings and important rulers of Judah from their tombs. They will take the bones of the priests and prophets from their tombs. They will take the bones of all the people of Jerusalem from their tombs. 2Those men will spread those bones on the ground under the sun, the moon, and the stars. The people of Jerusalem love to worship the sun, the moon, and the stars. No person will gather those bones and bury them again. So, the bones of those people will be like dung thrown on the ground. 3“I will force the people of Judah to leave their homes and their land. The people will be taken away to foreign lands. Some of the people of Judah that were not killed in the war will wish that they had been killed.” This message is from the Lord. 4Jeremiah, say this to the people of Judah: The Lord says these things: “You know if a man falls down, he gets up again. And if a man goes the wrong way, he turns around and comes back. 5The people of Judah went ˻(lived)˼ the wrong way. But why do those people of Jerusalem continue going the wrong way? They believe their own lies. They refuse to turn around and come back. 6I have listened to them very carefully. But they don’t say what is right. The people are not sorry for their sins. The people don’t think about the bad things they have done. The people do things without thinking. They are like horses running into a battle. 7Even the birds in the sky know the right time to do things. The storks, doves, swifts, and thrushes know when it is time to fly to a new home. But my people don’t know what the Lord wants them to do. 8“You keep saying, 'We have the Lord’s teachings! So we are wise!’ But that is not true. Why? Because the scribes have lied with their pens. 9Those 'wise people’ refused to listen to the Lord’s teachings. So they are not really wise people at all. Those 'wise people’ were trapped. They became shocked and ashamed. 10So I will give their wives to other men. I will give their fields to new owners. All the people of Israel want more and more money. All the people, from the least important to most important people, are like that. All the people, from prophets to priests, tell lies. 11My people have been hurt very badly. The prophets and priests should bandage those wounds. But they treat those wounds like they are only a small scratch. They say, 'It is all right, everything is fine!’ But it is not all right! 12They should be ashamed of the bad things they do. But they are not ashamed at all. They don’t know enough to be embarrassed of their sins. So they will be punished with everyone else. They will be thrown to the ground when I punish the people.” The Lord said those things. 13“I will take away their fruit and crops, so that there will be no harvest.” This message is from the Lord. “There will not be any grapes on the vine. There will not be any figs on the fig tree. Even the leaves will become dry and die. I will take away the things I gave them. 14“Why are we just sitting here? Come, let’s run to the strong cities. If the Lord our God is going to make us die, then let’s die there. We have sinned against the Lord, so God gave us poisoned water to drink. 15We hoped to have peace, but nothing good has come. We hoped that he would forgive us, but only disaster has come. 16From the land of the family group of Dan, we hear the snorting of the enemy’s horses. The ground shakes from the pounding of their hooves. They have come to destroy the land and everything in it. They have come to destroy the city and all the people that live there. 17“People of Judah, I am sending poisonous snakes to attack you. Those snakes can’t be controlled. Those snakes will bite you.” This message is from the Lord. 18God, I am very sad and afraid. 19Listen to my people. Everywhere in this country people are crying for help. They say, ”Is the Lord still at Zion? Is Zion’s King still there?” ˻But God says,˼ ”The people of Judah worshiped their worthless foreign idols. That made me very angry! Why did they do that? 20˻And the people say,˼ ”Harvest time is over. Summer is gone. And still we have not been saved.” 21My people are hurt, so I am hurt. I am too sad to speak. 22Surely there is some medicine in Gilead. Surely there is a doctor in Gilead. So why are the hurts of my people not healed?

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