Job 10

1I hate my own life. So I will complain freely. My soul is very bitter, so now I will speak. 2I will say to God: 'Don’t blame me! Tell me, What have I done wrong? What do you have against me? 3God, does hurting me make you happy? It seems that you don’t care about what you made. Or maybe you are happy with the plans that bad people make? 4God, do you have human eyes? Do you see things the way people do? 5Is your life as short as ours? Is your life as short as a man’s life? No! ˻So how do you know what it’s like?˼ 6You look for my wrong and search for my sin. 7You know I am innocent, but no one can save me from your power! 8God, your hands made me and shaped my body. But now they are closing in on me and destroying me! 9God, remember, you made me like clay. Will you make into clay again? 10You pour me out like milk. You spin me and squeeze me like someone making cheese. 11You put me together with bones and muscles. And then you clothed me with skin and flesh. 12You gave me life and were very kind to me. You cared for me and watched over my spirit. 13But this is what you hid in your heart, I know this is what you secretly planned in your heart. Yes, I know this is what was in your mind: 14If I sinned, you would be watching me, so you could punish me for doing wrong. 15When I sin, I am guilty and it will be very bad for me. But I can’t lift up my head even when I am innocent! I am so ashamed and embarrassed. 16If I have any success and feel proud, you hunt me like a person hunts a lion. You again show your power against me. 17You always have someone to prove I am wrong. Your will show your anger at me again and again in many ways, as you send one army after another against me. 18So, God, why did you let me be born? I wish I had died before anyone saw me. 19I wish I had never lived. I wish I had been carried from my mother’s womb straight to the grave. 20My life is almost finished. So leave me alone! Let me enjoy the little time I have left, 21before I go to the place that no person comes back from, the place of darkness and death. 22˻Let me enjoy the little time I have left˼ before I go to the place no one can see that place of darkness, shadows, and confusion. In that place even the light is dark.’”

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