Job 13

1˻Job said,˼ “I have seen all this before. I have already heard everything you say. I understand all of those things. 2I know as much as you do. I am as smart as you are. 3But I don’t want to argue with you. I want to speak to God All-Powerful. I want to argue with God about my troubles. 4But you three men try to cover up your ignorance with lies. You are like worthless doctors that can’t heal anyone. 5I wish you would just be quiet. That would be the wisest thing you could do. 6“Now, listen to my argument. Listen to what I have to say. 7Will you speak lies for God? Do you really believe your lies are what God wants you to say? 8Are you trying to defend God against me? You are not being fair— You are choosing God's side simply because he is God. 9If God checked you very closely, would he show you are right? Do you really think you can fool God the same as you fool people? 10You know God would criticize you if you chose a person’s side in court simply because he was important. 11God’s majesty ˻(importance)˼ scares you. You are afraid of him. 12Your arguments are worth nothing. Your answers are worthless. 13“Be quiet and let me talk! I accept whatever happens to me. 14I will put myself in danger, and take my life in my own hands. 15I will continue to trust God even if God kills me. But I will defend myself to his face. 16And if God lets me live, it will be because I was brave enough to speak. No evil person would dare meet God face to face. 17Listen carefully to what I say. Let me explain. 18I am ready now to defend myself. I will carefully present my arguments. I know I will be shown to be right. 19If any person can prove I am wrong, then I will shut up immediately. 20“God, just give me two things, and then I won’t hide from you: 21Stop punishing me, and stop scaring me with your terrors. 22Then call to me and I will answer you. Or let me speak, and you answer me. 23How many sins have I done? What have I done wrong? Show me my sins and my wrongs. 24God, why do you avoid me, and treat me like your enemy? 25Are you trying to scare me? I am only a leaf blowing in the wind. You are attacking a little piece of straw! 26God, you say bitter things against me. Are you making me suffer for the sins I did when I was young. 27You have put chains on my feet. You watch every step I take. You watch every move I make. 28So I am becoming weaker and weaker like a piece of wood rotting away, like a piece of cloth eaten by moths.”

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