Job 14

1˻Job said,˼ “We are all human beings. Our life is short and full of trouble. 2Man’s life is like a flower. He grows quickly, and then dies away. Man’s life is like a shadow that is here for a short time, and then it is gone. 3That is true, but God, will you look at me, a man? And will you come into court with me and let us both give our arguments? 4“But what does something clean have in common with something dirty? Nothing! 5Man’s life is limited. God, you decide how long a man lives. You set those limits for a man and nothing can change them. 6So God, stop watching us. Leave us alone. Let us enjoy our hard life until our time is finished. 7“There is hope for a tree. If it is cut down, it can grow again. It will keep sending out new branches. 8Its roots might grow old in the ground and its stump die in the dirt, 9but with water it will grow again. It will grow branches like a new plant. 10But when man dies, he is finished! When man dies, he is gone. 11You could take all the water from the sea, until the rivers all run dry, ˻and the man will still be dead˼! 12When a person dies, he lies down and he doesn’t get up. The skies will all disappear before a dead man will wake up. No. People don’t wake up from that sleep. 13“I wish you would hide me in my grave. I wish you would hide me there, until your anger is gone. Then you could pick a time to remember me. 14If a person dies, will he live again? I would wait as long as I must until I could be set free. 15God, you would call me and I would answer you. Then I, the person you made, would be important to you. 16You would still watch every step I take, but you wouldn’t remember my sins. 17You would tie up my sins in a bag, seal it, ˻and throw it away˼! 18“Mountains fall and crumble away. Large rocks break loose and fall. 19Water flowing over stones wears them down. Floods wash away the soil on the ground. In the same way, God, you destroy a person’s hope. 20You defeat him completely and then you leave. You make him sad and send him away forever ˻to the place of death˼. 21If his sons are honored, he never knows it. If his sons do wrong, he never sees it. 22That man only feels the pain in his body, and he cries loudly only for himself.”

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