Job 22

1Then Eliphaz from Teman answered: 2“Does God need our help? No! Even a very wise person isn’t really useful to God. 3Does your living right help God? No! Does God All-Powerful gain anything if you follow him? No! 4“Job, why does God punish and blame you? Is it because you worship him? 5No, it is because you have sinned much. Job, you never stop sinning! 6Maybe you loaned a brother some money and forced him to give you something to prove he would pay it back. Maybe you took some poor man’s clothes as collateral for a loan. Maybe you did that for no reason. 7Maybe you didn’t give water and food to tired, hungry people. 8Job, you have a lot of farm land. And people respect you. 9But maybe you sent widows away without giving them anything. Job, maybe you cheated orphans. 10That is why traps are all around you, and sudden trouble makes you afraid. 11That is why it is so dark you can’t see, and why a flood of water covers you. 12“God lives in the highest part of heaven. See how high the stars are. God looks down on the highest stars. 13But Job, you might say, 'What does God know? Can God see through the dark clouds and judge us? 14Thick clouds hide him from us, so he can’t see us as he walks beyond the edge of the sky.’ 15“Job, you are walking on the old path that evil people walked on long ago. 16Those evil people were destroyed before it was their time to die. They were washed away by the flood. 17Those people told God, 'Leave us alone! God All-Powerful can’t do anything to us!’ 18And it was God who filled their houses with good things! No, I can’t follow the advice of evil people. 19Good people will see them destroyed and those good people will be happy. Innocent people laugh at the evil people. 20'Truly our enemies are destroyed! Fire burns up their wealth!’ 21“Now, Job, give yourself to God and make peace with him. Do this, and you will get many good things. 22Accept his teaching. Pay attention to what he says. 23Job, come back to God All-Powerful, and you will be restored. But, you must remove the evil from your house. 24Think of your gold as nothing but dirt, Think of your best gold as pebbles from a stream. 25And let God All-Powerful be your gold. Let him be your pile of silver. 26Then you will enjoy God All-Powerful. Then you will look up to God. 27You will pray to him, and he will hear you. And you will be able to do the things you promised to do. 28If you decide to do something, it will be successful. And your future will be bright indeed! 29God makes proud people ashamed. But God helps humble people. 30Then you can help people who make mistakes. You will pray to God and he will forgive those people. Why? Because you will be so pure.”

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