Job 23

1Then Job answered: 2“I am still complaining today. Why? Because I am still suffering. 3I wish I knew where to find God. I wish I knew how to go to God! 4I would explain to God my story. My mouth would be full of arguments to show I am innocent. 5I want to know how God would answer my arguments. I want to understand God’s answers. 6Would God use his power against me? No, he would listen to me! 7I am an honest man. God would let me tell my story. Then my Judge would set me free! 8“But if I go to the east, God is not there. If I go to the west, I still don’t see God. 9When God is working in the north, I don’t see him. When God turns to the south, I still don’t see him. 10But God knows me. He is testing me and he will see that I am as pure as gold. 11I have always lived the way God wants. I have never stopped following God. 12I always obey God’s commands. I love the words from God’s mouth more than I love my food. 13“But God never changes. No person can stand against God. God does anything he wants. 14God will do what he planned to me. And he has many other plans for me. 15That is why I am afraid of God. I understand these things. That is why I am afraid of God. 16God makes my heart weak, and I lose my courage. God All-Powerful makes me afraid. 17The bad things that happened to me are like a black cloud over my face. But that darkness won’t keep me quiet.

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