Job 26

1Then Job answered: 2“Bildad, Zophar, and Eliphaz, you have really been a big help for this tired, weary man! Oh yes, you have ˻really been an encouragement,˼ you have really made my weak arms strong again! 3Yes, you have given wonderful advice to the person with no wisdom! You have really shown how wise you are! 4Who helped you say these things? Whose spirit inspired you? 5“The spirits of dead people shake with fear in the waters under the earth. 6But God can see clearly into that place of death Death is not hidden from God. 7God stretched the northern sky over empty space. God hung the earth on nothing. 8God fills the thick clouds with water. But God doesn’t let that heavy weight break the clouds open. 9God covers the face of the full moon. He spreads his clouds over it and hides it. 10God drew the horizon on the ocean, like a circle where light and darkness meet. 11The foundations that hold up the sky shake with fear when God threatens them. 12God’s power makes the sea calm. God’s wisdom destroyed Rahab’s helpers. 13God’s breath makes the skies clear. God’s hand destroyed the snake that tried to get away. 14These are only a few of the amazing things that God does. We only hear a small whisper from God. No person can really understand how great and powerful God is.”

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