Job 31

1“I made an agreement with my eyes not to look at a girl in a way that would make me want her. 2What does God All-Powerful do to people? How does God pay people back from his home high in heaven? 3God sends trouble and ruin to wicked people, and disaster to people that do wrong. 4God knows everything I do, and he sees every step I take. 5“I have not lied and tried to cheat people! 6If God would use accurate scales, then he would know that I am innocent. 7˻Then God would know˼ if I walked off the the right path, if my eyes led my heart to do evil, or if my hands are dirty with sin, 8Then ˻it would be right for other people˼ to eat the crops I planted and to pull up the plants I grew. 9“If I have desired another woman or waited at my neighbor’s door to sin with his wife, 10then let my wife cook another man’s food, and let other men sleep with her. 11Why? Because sexual sin is shameful. It is a sin that must be punished. 12Sexual sin is like a fire that burns until it destroys everything! It could ruin everything I have ever done. 13“If I refuse to be fair to my slaves when they have a complaint against me, 14then what will I do when I must face God? What will I say when God asks me to explain what I did? 15God made me in my mother’s body. And God also made my slaves. God shaped us all inside our mothers. 16“I have never refused to help poor people. I always gave widows what they needed. 17I have never been selfish with my food. I always gave food to orphans. 18All my life, I have been like a father to children that had no father. All my life, I have taken care of widows. 19When I found people suffering because they didn’t have clothes, or a poor man with no coat, 20I always gave them clothes. I used the wool from my own sheep to make them warm. And they blessed me with all their heart. 21I never shook my fist at an orphan when I saw him at the gate asking for help. 22If I ever did that, then may my arm be pulled from its socket and fall from my shoulder! 23But I didn’t do any of those bad things. I am afraid of God’s punishment. His majesty ˻(importance)˼ scares me. 24“I have never trusted in my riches. ˻I always trusted God to help me.˼ I never said to pure gold, 'You are my hope.’ 25I have been wealthy. But that didn’t make me proud! I earned a lot of money. But that is not what made me happy! 26I have never worshiped the bright sun, or the beautiful moon. 27I was never foolish enough to worship the sun and the moon. 28That is also a sin that must be punished. If I had worshiped those things, then I would have been unfaithful to God All-Powerful. 29“I have never been happy when my enemies were destroyed. I have never laughed at my enemies when bad things happened to them. 30I have never let my mouth sin by cursing my enemies, and wishing for them to die. 31All the people in my house know that I have always given food to strangers. 32I always invited strangers into my home so they would not have to sleep in the streets at night. 33Other people try to hide their sins. But I have not hidden my guilt. 34I have never been afraid of what people might say. That fear never made me keep quiet. It never made me refuse to go outside. I am not afraid of people’s hate for me. 35“Oh, I wish someone would listen to me! Let me explain my side. I wish God All-Powerful would answer me. I wish he would write down what he thinks I did wrong. 36Then I would wear that sign around my neck. I would put it on my head like a crown. 37If God did that, then I could explain everything that I have done. I could come to God like a leader with my head held high. 38“I didn’t steal my land from anyone. No one can accuse me of stealing it. 39I always paid the farmers for the food that I got from the land. And I never tried to take land away from the person who owned it. 40If I ever did any of those bad things, then let thorns and weeds grow in my fields instead of wheat and barley!” Job’s words are finished.

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