Job 33

1“Now, Job, listen to me. Listen carefully to the things I say. 2I am ready to speak. 3My heart is honest, so I will speak honest words. I will speak the truth about the things I know. 4God’s Spirit made me. My life comes from ˻God˼ All-Powerful. 5Job, listen to me, and answer me if you can. Get your answers ready, so you can argue with me. 6You and I are the same in front of God. God used clay to make both of us. 7Job, don’t be afraid of me. I won’t be hard on you. 8“But Job, I heard what you said. 9You said: 'I am pure. I am innocent I did nothing wrong. I am not guilty! 10I did nothing wrong, but God is against me! God treated me like an enemy. 11God put chains on my feet. God watches everything I do.’ 12“But Job, you are wrong about this. And I will prove you are wrong. Why? Because God knows more than any person. 13Job, you are arguing with God! You think God should explain everything to you. 14But maybe God does explain what he does. Maybe God speaks in ways that people don’t understand. 15- 16Maybe God speaks to people in a dream, or in a vision at night, when they are in a deep sleep. Then they become very afraid when they hear God’s warnings. 17God warns people to stop them from doing wrong things, and to stop them from becoming proud. 18God warns people so he can save them from going to the place of death. God does that to save a person from being destroyed. 19“Or, a person might hear God’s voice when that person is in bed and suffering from God’s punishment. God is warning that person with pain. That person is in so much pain that all his bones hurt. 20Then that person can’t eat. That person has so much pain that he hates even the best food. 21His body wastes away until he becomes very thin and all his bones stick out. 22That person is near the place of death. And his life is close to death. 23“God has thousands of angels. Maybe one of those angels is watching over that person. That angel might speak for that person and tell about the good things he did. 24Maybe that angel will be kind to that person and say ˻to God˼, 'Save this person from the place of death! I have found a way to pay for his ˻sin˼.’ 25Then that person’s body will become young and strong again. That person will be the same as when he was young. 26That person will pray to God, and God will answer his prayer. That person will shout with joy and worship God. He will live a good life again. 27Then that person will confess to people. He will say, 'I sinned. I changed good into bad. But God didn’t give me the punishment I deserved! 28God saved my soul from going down to the place of death. Now I can enjoy life again.’ 29“God does all these things again and again for that person. 30Why? To warn that person and to save his soul from the place of death so that person can enjoy his life. 31“Job, pay attention to me. Listen to me. Be quiet and let me talk. 32But Job, if you want to disagree with me, then go ahead and talk. Tell me your argument, because I want to correct you. 33But Job, if you have nothing to say, then listen to me. Be quiet, and I will teach you wisdom.”

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