Job 34

1Then Elihu continued talking. He said: 2“Listen to the things I say, you wise men. Pay attention to me, you smart men. 3Your tongue tastes the food it touches. And your ear tests the words it hears. 4So, let us test these arguments and decide for ourselves what is right. Together we will learn what is good. 5Job says, 'I, Job, am innocent. And God is not fair to me. 6I am innocent, but the judgment against me says that I am a liar. I am innocent, but I have been hurt very badly.’ 7“Is there any other person like Job? Job does not care if you insult him. 8Job is friends with bad people. Job likes to be with evil people. 9Why do I say that? Because Job says, 'A person will gain nothing if he tries to please God.’ 10“You men can understand, so listen to me. God would never do what is evil! God All-Powerful would never do wrong! 11God will pay a person back for the things that person has done. God gives people what they deserve. 12This is the truth, God won’t do wrong. God All-Powerful will always be fair. 13No person chose God to be in charge over the earth. No one gave God responsibility for the whole world. ˻God created everything and he has always been in control.˼ 14If God decided to take his spirit and his breath of life away from people, 15then all the people on earth would die. All people would become dust again. 16“If you men are wise, then you will listen to what I say. 17A person that hates to be fair can’t be a ruler. Job, God is strong and good. Do you think you can judge him guilty? 18God is the One who says to kings, 'You are worthless!’ God says to leaders, 'You are evil!’ 19God does not love leaders more than other people. And God does not love rich people more that poor people. Why? Because God made every person. 20People can suddenly die, in the middle of the night. People become sick and pass away. Even powerful people die for no apparent reason. 21“God watches what people do. God knows every step a person takes. 22There is no place dark enough for evil people to hide from God. 23God does not need to pick a time to test people some more. God does not need to bring people in front of him to be judged. 24If even powerful people do bad things God does not need to ask questions. God will simply destroy those people, and choose other people to be leaders. 25So God knows what people do. That is why God will defeat evil people over night and destroy them. 26God will punish the bad people because of the evil things they did. And God will punish those people where other people can see it happen. 27Why? Because the bad people stopped obeying God. And those bad people didn’t care about doing what God wants. 28Those bad people hurt poor people, and made them cry to God for help. And God hears that cry for help. 29But if God decides not to help them, then no person can judge God guilty. If God hides himself from people, then no person can find him. God is the ruler over people and nations. 30And if a ruler causes people to sin, then God will remove him from power. 31That will happen unless he says to God, 'I am guilty. I won’t sin anymore. 32God, even if I can’t see ˻you˼, please teach me ˻the right way to live˼. If I have done wrong, I won’t do it again.’ 33“Job, you want God to reward you. But you refuse to change. Job, it is your decision, not mine. Tell me what you think. 34A wise person would listen to me. A wise person would say, 35'Job talks like an ignorant person. The things Job says don’t make sense!’ 36I think Job should be punished even more! Why? Because Job answers us the way an evil person would answer. 37Job adds rebellion to his other sins. Job sits there in front of us and insults us and makes fun of God!”

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