Job 39

1“Job, do you know when the mountain goats are born? Do you watch when the mother deer has her baby? 2Do you know how many months the mountain goat and the deer must carry their babies? Do you know when it is the right time for them to be born? 3Those animals lie down they feel their birth pains and their babies are born. 4Those baby animals grow strong in the fields. Then they leave their mothers and never come back. 5“Job, who let the wild donkeys go free? Who untied their ropes and let them loose? 6I ˻(God)˼ let the wild donkey have the desert for a home. I gave the salt lands to them for a place to live. 7Wild donkeys laugh at the noisy towns. And no person can control them. 8Wild donkeys live in the mountains. That is their pasture. That is where they look for food to eat. 9“Job, will a wild bull agree to serve you? Will he stay in your barn at night? 10Will a wild bull let you put ropes on him so you can plow your fields? 11A wild bull is very strong! But can you trust him to do your work? 12Can you trust him to gather your grain and bring it to your threshing place? 13“An ostrich gets excited and flaps his wings. ˻But an ostrich can’t fly.˼ Its wings and feathers are not like the wings of a stork. 14An ostrich lays her eggs on the ground and they become warm in the sand. 15The ostrich forgets that someone might walk on her eggs or that some wild animal might break them. 16An Ostrich leaves her little babies. She treats them like they are not hers. If her babies die, she doesn’t care that all her work was for nothing. 17Why? Because I ˻(God)˼ didn’t give wisdom to the ostrich. The ostrich is foolish, and I made her that way. 18But when the ostrich gets up to run, she laughs at the horse and its rider, because she can run faster than any horse. 19“Job, did you give the horse its strength? Did you put the mane on his neck? 20Did you make the horse able to jump far like a locust? The horse snorts loudly, and it scares people. 21A horse is happy that he is so strong. He scratches the ground with his foot and runs quickly into battle. 22The horse laughs at fear. He is not afraid! He won’t run away from a battle. 23The soldier’s quiver shakes on the horse’s side. The spear and weapons his rider carries shine in the sun. 24The horse is very excited! He runs fast over the ground. When the horse hears the trumpet blow he can’t stand still. 25When the trumpet sounds, the horse shouts, 'hurray!’ He smells the battle from far away. He hears the commanders shouting orders and all the other sounds of the battle. 26“Job, did you teach the hawk how to spread his wings and fly south. 27Are you the one who told the eagle to fly high into the sky. Did you tell him to build his nest high in the mountains? 28The eagle lives on a cliff. The cliff is the eagle’s fortress. 29An eagle watches for his food from high in his fortress. An eagle can see food that is far away. 30Eagles will gather where the dead bodies are. And the babies will drink the blood.”

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