Job 41

1“Job, can you catch Leviathan with a fishhook? Can you tie his tongue with a rope? 2Can you put a rope through his nose, or a hook through his jaw? 3Will Leviathan beg you to let him go free? Will he speak to you with gentle words? 4Will Leviathan make an agreement with you and promise to serve you forever? 5Will you play with Leviathan like you would play with a bird? Will you put a rope on him so your servant girls can play with him? 6Will fishermen try to buy Leviathan from you? Will they cut him in pieces and sell him to the merchants? 7Can you throw spears into Leviathan’s skin or head? 8“Job, if you ever lay a hand on Leviathan, you will never do it again! Just think about the battle that would be! 9Do you think you can defeat Leviathan? Well, forget it! There is no hope! Just looking at him will scare you! 10No person is brave enough to wake him up and make him angry. “Well, no person can stand against me either! 11I ˻(God)˼ owe no person anything. Everything under heaven belongs to me. 12“Job, I will tell you about Leviathan’s legs, his strength and graceful shape. 13No person can pierce his skin. His skin is like armor! 14No person can force Leviathan to open his jaws. The teeth in his mouth scare people. 15Leviathan’s back has rows of shields tightly sealed together. 16The shields are so close to each other that no air can pass between them. 17The shields are joined to each other. They hold together so tightly that they can’t be pulled apart. 18When Leviathan sneezes, it is like lightning flashing out. His eyes shine like the light of dawn. 19Burning torches come out from his mouth. Sparks of fire shoot out. 20Smoke pours from Leviathan’s nose like burning weeds under a boiling pot. 21Leviathan’s breath makes coals burn, and flames shoot from his mouth. 22Leviathan’s neck is very powerful, People are afraid and run away from him. 23There is no soft spot in his skin. It is hard like iron. 24Leviathan’s heart is like a rock, he has no fear. It is hard like a lower millstone. 25When Leviathan gets up, strong people are afraid. They run away when Leviathan swings his tail. 26Swords, spears, and darts hit Leviathan, but they only bounce off. Those weapons don’t hurt him at all! 27Leviathan breaks iron as easily as straw. He breaks bronze like rotten wood. 28Arrows don’t make Leviathan run away. Rocks bounce off of him like straw. 29When a wood club hits Leviathan, it feels like a piece of straw to him. He laughs when men throw spears at him. 30The skin on Leviathan’s belly is like sharp pieces of broken pottery. He leaves tracks in the mud like a threshing board. 31Leviathan stirs up the water like a boiling pot. He makes it bubble like a pot of boiling oil. 32When Leviathan swims, he leaves a path behind himself. He stirs up the water, and leaves white foam behind him. 33No animal on earth is like Leviathan. He is an animal made without fear. 34Leviathan looks down on the proudest animals. He is king over all the wild animals. ˻And I, the Lord, made Leviathan!˼”

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