Job 6

1Then Job answered: 2“If my suffering could be weighed, and all my trouble could be put on the weighing scales, 3you would understand my sadness. My sadness would be heavier than all the sand of the seas! That is why my words seem foolish. 4God All-Powerful’s arrows are in me. My spirit feels the poison from those arrows! God’s terrible weapons are lined up against me. 5˻Your words are easy to say when nothing bad has happened.˼ Even a wild donkey doesn’t complain when it has grass to eat. And a cow doesn’t complain when it has its food. 6Food without salt doesn’t taste good. And the white of an egg doesn’t have any taste. 7I refuse to touch it; that kind of food makes me sick! ˻And that is what your words are like to me now.˼ 8“I wish I could have what I ask for. I wish God would give me what I want. 9I wish God would crush me, just go ahead and kill me! 10And if he does kill me, I will be comforted about one thing, I will be happy about one thing: Even through all this pain, I never refused to obey the commands of the Holy One. 11“My strength is gone, so I have no hope to go on living. I don’t know what will happen to me, so I have no reason to be patient. 12I am not strong like a rock. My body is not made from bronze. 13I don’t have power to help myself now. Why? Because success has been taken away from me. 14“A person’s friends should be kind to him if he has troubles. A person should be loyal to his friend, even if that friend turned away from ˻God˼ All-Powerful. 15But you, my brothers, have not been loyal. I can’t depend on you. You are like streams that flow sometimes and don’t flow at other times. You are like streams that overflow 16when they are choked with ice and melting snow. 17And when the weather is hot and dry, the water stops flowing, and the streams are gone. 18Traders follow the twists and turns out into the desert and they disappear. 19Traders from Tema look for ˻water˼. Travelers from Sheba look hopefully. 20They were sure they would find water but they were disappointed. 21Now, you are like those streams. You see my troubles and are afraid. 22Did I ask for your help? No! But you freely gave me your advice! 23Did I say to you, 'Save me from the enemy! Save me from cruel people!’ 24“So now, teach me, and I will be quiet. Show me what I have done wrong. 25Honest words are powerful. But your arguments prove nothing. 26Do you plan to criticize me? Will you speak more tiring words? 27You would even gamble to win things that belong to children without fathers. You would sell out your own friend. 28But now, please study my face. I would not lie to you. 29So now, change your mind. Don’t be unfair, think again. I have done nothing wrong. 30I am not lying. And I know right from wrong.”

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