Job 7

1Job said, “Man has a hard struggle on earth. His life is like the life of a hired worker. 2Man is like a slave who wants the cool shade after hard work on a hot day. Man is like a hired worker waiting for payday. 3Month after frustrating month has gone by. I have had night after night of suffering. 4When I lie down, I think, 'How long before it’s time to get up?’ The night drags on. I toss and turn until the sun comes up. 5My body is clothed with worms and dirt. My skin is broken and covered with running sores. 6“My days go by faster than a weaver’s shuttle. And my life ends without hope. 7God, remember, my life is only a breath. I will never see anything good again. 8And you won’t see me again. You will look for me, but I will be gone. 9A cloud disappears and is gone. In the same way, a person dies and is buried in the grave and he won’t come back. 10He will never come back to his old house again. His home won’t know him any more. 11“So I won’t be quiet! I will speak out! My spirit is suffering! I will complain because my soul is bitter. 12God, why do you guard me? Am I the sea or a sea monster? 13My bed should bring me comfort. My couch should give me rest and relief. 14But God, ˻when I lie down˼ you scare me with dreams; you frighten me with visions. 15So I prefer to be choked to death than to live. 16I hate my life—I give up. I don’t want to live forever. Leave me alone! My life means nothing! 17God, why is man so important to you? Why should you honor him? Why do you even notice him? 18Why do you visit man every morning and test him every moment? 19God, you never look away from me. You won’t leave me alone for a second. 20God, you watch over people. If I have sinned, fine, what can I do? Why did you use me for target practice? Did I become a problem for you? 21Why don’t you just pardon me for doing wrong? Why don’t you just forgive me for my sins? Soon I will die and be in my grave. Then you will search for me, but I will be gone.”

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