Job 9

1Then Job answered: 2“Yes, I know what you say is true. But how can a man win an argument with God? 3A person can’t argue with God! God could ask 1,000 questions and no person could answer even one! 4God is very wise and his power is very great. No person can fight God and not be hurt. 5God moves mountains when he is angry and they don’t even know it. 6God sends earthquakes to shake the earth. God shakes the earth’s foundations. 7God can speak to the sun, and make it not rise. He can lock up the stars, so they don’t shine. 8God alone made the skies. He walks on the ocean waves. 9“God made the Bear, Orion, and the Pleiades. He made the planets that cross the southern sky. 10God does wonderful things that people can’t understand. There is no end to God’s great miracles. 11When God goes past me, I can’t see him. When God goes by, I don't notice him. 12If God takes something away, no one can stop him. No one can say to him, 'What are you doing?’ 13God won’t hold his anger back. Even Rahab’s helpers are afraid of God. 14So I can’t argue with God. I wouldn’t know what to say to him. 15I am innocent, but I can’t give him an answer. All I can do is beg my Judge ˻(God)˼ for mercy. 16Even if I called and he answered, I still wouldn’t believe that he really would listen to me. 17God would just send storms to crush me. He would just give me more wounds for no reason. 18God would’t let me catch my breath again. He would just give me more trouble. 19I can’t defeat God. God is too powerful! I can’t take God to court and force him to be fair to me. Who could force God to come to court? 20I am innocent, but the things I say make me seem guilty. I am innocent, but if I speak my mouth proves me guilty. 21I am innocent. But I don’t know what to think. I hate my own life. 22I say to myself, 'The same thing happens to everybody. Innocent people die just like the guilty. God ends all their lives.’ 23When something terrible happens and an innocent person is killed, does God just laugh at him? 24When an evil man takes control of a land, does God keep the leaders from seeing what is happening? If that is true, then who is God anyway? 25“My days go faster than a runner. My days fly away and there is no happiness in them. 26My days go by quickly like the papyrus boats. My days go by as fast as eagles swooping down to catch an animal. 27“If I say, 'I won’t complain. I will forget my pain, I will put a smile on my face.’ 28It doesn’t really change anything. The suffering still scares me! 29I am already judged guilty. So why should I keep trying? I say, 'Forget it!’ 30Even if I wash myself with snow and make my hands clean with soap, 31God will still push me into the slime pit. Then even my clothes will hate me. 32God is not a man like me. That is why I can’t answer him. We can’t meet each other in court. 33I wish there were someone to listen to both sides. I wish there were someone to judge both of us in a fair way. 34I wish there were someone to take God’s punishing stick away. Then God would not scare me any more. 35Then I could say what I want to say without being afraid of God. But now I can’t do that.

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