Jonah 2

1While Jonah was in the fish’s stomach, he prayed to the Lord his God. Jonah said, 2“I was in very bad trouble. I called to the Lord for help, and he answered me! I was deep in the grave. I cried to you, Lord, and you heard my voice! 3“You threw me into the sea. Your powerful waves splashed over me. I went down, down into the deep sea. The water was all around me. 4Then I thought, 'Now I must go where you cannot see me.’ But I continued looking to your holy temple for help. 5“The seawater closed over me. The water covered my mouth, and I could not breathe. I went down, down into the deep sea. Seaweed wrapped around my head. 6I was at the bottom of the sea, the place where mountains begin. I thought I was locked in this prison forever. But the Lord my God took me out of my grave! God, you gave me life again! 7“My soul gave up all hope. But then I remembered the Lord. Lord, I prayed to you. And you heard my prayers in your holy temple. 8“Some people worship useless idols. But those statues never help them. 9Salvation comes only from the Lord! “Lord, I will give sacrifices to you, and I will praise and thank you. I will make special promises to you, and I will do the things I promise.” 10Then the Lord spoke to the fish. And the fish vomited Jonah out of its stomach onto the dry land.

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