Jonah 3

1Then the Lord spoke to Jonah again. The Lord said, 2“Go to that big city Nineveh, and preach the things that I tell you.” 3So Jonah obeyed the Lord and went to Nineveh. Nineveh was a very big city. A person had to walk for three days to travel through the city. 4Jonah went to the center of the city and began preaching to the people. Jonah said, “After 40 days, Nineveh will be destroyed!” 5The people of Nineveh believed ˻the message from˼ God. The people decided to stop eating for a time ˻to think about their sins˼. The people put on special clothes ˻to show that they were sorry˼. All the people in the city did this—the most important people and the least important people. 6The king of Nineveh heard about these things. And the king was also sorry for the bad things he did. So the king left his throne. The king removed his robe and put on special clothes ˻to show he was sorry˼. Then the king sat in ashes. 7The king wrote a special message. The king sent this message through the city: A command from the king and his great rulers: For a short time no man or animal should eat anything. No herd or flock will be allowed in the fields. Nothing living in Nineveh will eat or drink water. 8But every person and every animal must be covered with a special cloth ˻to show he is sad˼. People must cry loudly to God. Every person must change his life and stop doing bad things. 9Then maybe God will change and not do the things he had planned. Maybe God will change and not be angry. Then maybe we will not be punished. 10God saw the things the people did. God saw that the people stopped doing evil things. So God changed and did not do what he planned. God did not punish the people.

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